$35 million missing from crypto king investors

Aiden Pleterski, 'Crypto King', 23, as featured in a paid article on far-right website The Daily Caller, purchased December 2021

Aiden Pleterski, ‘Crypto King’, 23, as featured in a paid article on far-right website The Daily Caller, purchased December 2021
Screenshot: Daily Caller

Five luxury cars, including two BMWs, two McLarens and a Lamborghini, were seized from 23-year-old Aiden Pleterski, the self-described “crypto king” of Canada, during bankruptcy proceedings according to a new report from the CBC. But those cars are only worth a fraction of the $35 million Pleterski allegedly took from investors who thought he would make them rich in the cryptocurrency market, and it’s unclear if they’ll ever see the money from him again.

Pleterski and his company AP Private Equity Limited are facing at least two civil lawsuits after 140 people came forward to say they invested a total of $35 million with Pleterski. Those people believed they were investing in cryptocurrencies, and Pleterski’s online presence, including photos of the 23-year-old on private planes and next to luxury cars, helped create the image that he knew what he was doing.

YouTube channel and instagram account Pleterski’s were removed, but it appears he purchased items from websites such as Forbes.mc and the far-right news outlet Daily Caller to associate your name with success in cryptocurrency investing.

The December 2021 Daily Caller article includes a photo of Pleterski looking at his phone in what appears to be a private jet. In particular, December 2021 was a time when cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ethereum were trading near historical highs. The owner He says: “Aiden Pleterski: Meet the young Canadian investor taking the crypto world by storm.”

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Screenshot: Daily Caller

Despite a notice that the item is from a “featured partner,” many people do not understand that such items are bought and paid for, a practice that has a long story. The text of the Daily Caller article on Pleterski is quite ridiculous and riddled with grammatical errors, but it may have been enough to convince some people with no crypto background that he was a promising entity that could make them rich.

An excerpt from the Daily Caller, complete with the original errors:

It’s safe to say that Aiden Pleterski is not your average 22-year-old. He got an early start in the cryptocurrency market and is quickly becoming one of the most influential and respected traders in the game today. Aiden was born in Whitby, Ontario, Canada, and has been diving deep into the world of cryptocurrencies since 2015. As an avid gamer, he became familiar with cryptocurrencies early on, and it didn’t take long for him to become familiar and knowledgeable about the cryptocurrency. dynamics and technical knowledge of online commerce. Cryptocurrency was initially a way to pay for game items with more effort, but then it became a broader interest for him, as cryptocurrency became a big part of his real life, and not just something he would use on -game purchases or benefits.

Another part of the article with grammatical issues explains that bitcoin could not undergo severe fluctuations in price, a rather ridiculous claim for anyone familiar with the history of bitcoin.

What makes cryptocurrencies so special is the fact that their value is not likely to plummet like other more traditional currencies. The main problem with regular currencies is the fact that if a country or entity needs more money, they can simply print a little more, causing a huge change in value in the market.

Pleterski’s article also stated that bitcoin is finite, which is a common defense of the cryptocurrency. And while that is technically true, there is nothing finite about the number of cryptocurrencies that can be created.

However, the whole concept of something like Bitcoin is that the number of available coins is actually finite, which means that those who hold and trade bitcoins will not experience a huge fluctuation in value due to the printing of new batches of money for satisfy demand, which in turn will cause a depreciation of the given currency. With a deep understanding of what makes cryptocurrencies so valuable and unique, Aiden has been able to make all the right moves and is constantly ahead of the game when it comes to anticipating investment trends and capitalizing on the value of your investment on an ongoing basis. portfolio expansion and growing crypto assets alike.

The question remains whether Pleterski actually put any of the money into crypto to begin with, and he talks about how weird the crypto market has been over the last year. For all you know, Pleterski may have invested the money and lost it like so many others since the November 2021 spike. Bitcoin is down 56% from its price a year ago, while ethereum is down 57% . Pleterski insists that he invested the money, but is simply bad at keeping records.

But some investors suspect that Pleterski didn’t even bother to invest the money, instead keeping it to himself, according to people who spoke to the CBC.

“I don’t know if he was ever really negotiating,” he told CBC Diane Moore, a woman who invested $60,000 with Pleterski. “Or was this her plan and was it just the story to put me together with other people?”

The investors are trying to get their money back through bankruptcy court and two civil lawsuits, but no criminal charges have been filed, despite some reporting their incidents to Toronto police, according to CBC.

Pleterski’s attorney did not immediately respond to a request for comment early Wednesday. We will update this article if we receive a response. If he gave money to Canada’s “crypto king”, we’d love to hear from you. Did the infomercials Pleterski bought play a role in his decision to trust you with his money?

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