5 foods that are healthy but have a reputation for being harmful

The egg and other ‘villain’ foods that were previously prohibited and are now the healthiest.

By: MUI KITCHEN Editorial Office

In the era of ‘realfooding’, that is, of real food, we review all those recommendations that have become obsolete

How many times have you heard that bananas are very fattening or that eating more than two eggs a week is absolutely crazy? In nutrition, as in life, the advice is changing and nothing remains of those super restrictive Pleistocene diets to lose weight and with many unhealthy foods. In the era of ‘realfooding’, that is, of real food, of that of yesteryear, prior to ultra-processed food, we review all those recommendations that have become obsolete as the years have passed, but that They have left us completely baffled.

The egg, a clear example

Its bad reputation was related to its high amount of cholesterol, however, several studies found that the more consumption of this food the cardiovascular risk did not increase and, on the other hand, that dietary cholesterol is not the most relevant factor for control what we have in our blood. With these two advances their perception has changed, it is considered that you can eat up to one a day and is at the top of healthy foods.

the dried fruits

They have been the clear example that for years we have had a true phobia of fats. They have been considered as foods that increased the weight of those who ate them and, although it is true that they have a high energy value, a large part of the fats they contain are healthy. It was precisely from 2017 when a study in the European Journal of Nutrition banished the myth that nuts are fattening and that, in addition, they contain omega 3 that has cardioprotective effects.

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The coffee

It has been the drink of discord. It has been associated with intestinal problems, migraines and cardiovascular risk, which is why for many patients it was totally inadvisable. Now you see more benefits than defects and it is that in 2017 Annals of Internal Medicine published a study that would radically change its conception. It showed that drinking three cups of coffee a day was not harmful, but, in addition, those who drank one a day had a lower risk of mortality.

Pork Meat

High in fat content and with poor quality fats, that has been the letter of introduction of this animal for decades. However, a lean cut of pork has more protein and less fat than chicken or turkey. In addition, given the improvement in quality controls, pig feeding has improved exponentially in recent years and today their meat is richer in good fats than in fats of poor nutritional quality.


Have you ever heard that seafood has too much cholesterol and its uric acid can cause gout? Well, it’s not so bad, it’s more, in recent years dieticians recommend it right and left in the dietary guidelines to lose weight. These foods are low in calories, rich in protein, and the cholesterol they contain is concentrated in the head.

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