“A crime has been committed against Ukraine and we demand fair punishment”

  • The Ukrainian president asks in his message to the UN for limits on the export prices of Russian oil and gas

  • Warns against Russia’s “nuclear blackmail” and warns: “No one will find a vaccine against radiation evil”

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, spoke this Wednesday afternoon before the United Nations General Assembly through a pre-recorded video message, a speech of about half an hour in which he assured: “A crime has been committed against Ukraine and we demand a just punishment”.

Zelensky was speaking hours after Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the mobilization of 300,000 reservists to continue the invasion of Ukraine and threatened again with the use of nuclear weapons ensuring that “it is not a bluff & rdquor ;. And they are elements that Zelensky referred to in his speech, as well as those referendums “farce & rdquor; of annexation organized by Russia in Ukrainian territories.

“They are true & rdquor ;, Zelenski has said. “Russia wants war. But Russia will not be able to stop the course of history. Humanity and international law are stronger than a terrorist state. Russia’swill be forced to end this war & rdquor;has declared.

The “formula for peace”

Dressed in one of his usual green shirts, on an unidentifiable stage where a Ukrainian flag and another from the UN were seen, Zelenski has offered what he has defined as a “formula for peace” with five elements: punishment for the aggression, life protectionrestoration of the security and territorial integrity, guarantees of security and determination to defend oneself”. Excluded from that formula, as he has said, “the neutrality& rdquor ;, a denunciation of the countries that continue to avoid definitively distancing themselves from the Kremlin.

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In his speech Zelensky has proposed concrete measures. He has renewed, for example, his call to impose limits on export prices for Russian oil and gasyes He has also renewed his request for aid so much armament What financial and of intelligence information.

The Ukrainian president has also urged imposing more sanctions to Russia and to block “trade and relations with the aggressor”. He has asked to be isolate in institutions like the UN, removing rights from his delegation and eliminating from his right to vote the veto in the Security Council. In addition, it has requested that rvisa restrictions for Russian citizens, to “encourage them to fight against the aggressor in their own state & rdquor ;. And he has called to create a Special Court already set a international compensation mechanism.

nuclear threat

Zelensky has also referred to the nuclear stresses, especially after attacks near nuclear facilities like Zaporizhia. “That makes everyone a target & rdquor ;, she has assured. “The Russian radiation blackmail is something you should worry everyone and each of you because none will find a vaccine against the evil of radiation & rdquor ;.

Related news

In his message the Ukrainian president has also put a note of urgency, and after assuring that “Russia is afraid of real negotiations & rdquor; has accused Moscow of wanting to “slow down its withdrawal. Russia wants to spend the winter in the occupied territory and prepare forces to try a new offensive & rdquor ;, he denounced. “We cannot accept a protracted warbecause it will be more intense than war now”.

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