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In a world marked by inequalities and open wounds due to discrimination, violence, deprivation of rights and the legal vacuum encountered by the needs of many people, translate into law the diversity that lives in the homes of a country it is, at least, altruistic, hopeful. Cuba has done it.

There it is – as a result of a society that long ago rewrote, from practice and daily life, the ways of seeing, understanding, living and accepting the plurality of families – a new legal norm that is tempered to the reality of its people .

It is about recognizing and protecting, in the family sphere, the Martian essence of a Cuba with everyone and for the good of all, as endorsed by the Constitution of the Republic, approved in 2019.

It is not a question of inventing formulas that privilege the rights of some in order to curtail the guarantees of others; but to offer emancipatory lights for those who until now have not been able to legalize their affections, or enjoy motherhood and fatherhood through unnatural ways, but in solidarity; for those united by ties of love and not blood; for those who suffer from domestic abuse; or, simply, for anyone who may need legislative protection in the future.

It is not about accommodating an ideal of the country in a norm; that already exists, with its nuances, its different social and economic conflicts. The law, rather, is made “to his measure.”

It is about taking a historic and necessary step on the road to building that society to which we aspire, in which no child, adolescent, young person, couple, family, older adult or person with a disability feels their rights have been violated.

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