“A nuclear war can never be won”

The US President Joe Bidenresponded forcefully this Wednesday to Russia’s warning about the possible use of weapons of mass destruction to defend the occupied areas of Ukraine. “A nuclear war can never be won nor should it be waged,” he said in his speech on the sidelines of the 77th session of the United Nations (UN) General Assembly.

Along these lines, Biden has accused his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, of making “irresponsible threats about the use of nuclear weapons”, after he promised to protect his country “by all means”. Promise that he closed by ensuring that those who seek “blackmail” with atomic weapons their nation should know that “the compass rose can turn against them”.

However, as soon as the speech began, the American leader attacked the Russian to assure him that “no one has threatened Russia”something that Moscow uses to justify the attack on Ukraine.

On the contrary, and according to Biden, Russia is solely responsible, since it seeks to end the “right to exist” of the Ukrainians. That’s why, “We must act clearly and decisively”, has added. “If nations can pursue imperial ambitions without consequence, we risk everything the United Nations supports,” she continued.

After condemning Russian actions, the US has taken the opportunity to warn of other “worrying trends” in the field of nuclear proliferation due to the policies of China, North Korea and Iran.

The US announces 2.9 billion dollars to combat the food crisis

During his speech, the President of the United States also announced assistance of 2.9 billion dollars to combat the food crisis, aggravated by the war in Ukraine and that threatens to unleash famines in the most impoverished countries.

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According to the White House, the money will go to projects to food insecure children in African and Asian countries and, in addition, they will have the objective of helping small farmers with new technologies and tools, among other measures.

The assistance adds to the $6.9 billion the US government has already earmarked this year for food security projects around the world.

Washington denies a “Cold War” with China

Biden, on the other hand, has also spoken out about the tension between Washington and the United States over the North American country’s support for Taiwan, whose sovereignty China claims and for whom the US Senate approved a package of almost 4.5 billion dollars over four years.

In this regard, the US president has stated before the UN that he is not seeking a “Cold War” and that his government will not support any unilateral change in the status quo with Taiwan.

“We’re not looking for conflict, we’re not looking for a Cold War. We don’t want any nation to have to choose between the United States and another ally. But The United States will promote a free, open, secure Indo-Pacific and a prosperous world“, has explained.

Along these lines, the president has reiterated his government’s respect for the “one China” principle that Beijing imposes as the basis of its ties with any country, so that the only Chinese Executive that the US must recognize is the which is based in the capital, which distances it from Taiwan’s independence aspirations.

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