Actor Pablo Lyle sits on the bench for the death of a man in 2019

The trial of Mexican actor Pablo Lyle, accused in a court in Miami (Florida, USA) of involuntary manslaughter for an event that occurred in 2019, began this Tuesday with the jury selection process, which It will take place throughout this week.

After multiple delays due to the pandemic, the judicial process began today with the first interviews with the possible members of the jury by the judge and the lawyers of both parties in this case in which the Mexican is accused of involuntary manslaughter. for the death of Juan Ricardo Hernández, 63 years old and Cuban origin.

The defense and the Prosecutor’s Office could present their opening arguments towards the end of this week or next Tuesday, once jury selection is complete, according to reports.

Lyle, 35, sits on the bench for the death of Hernández, who was punched by the actor after an argument over a traffic issue and Four days later he died in a hospital.

The events date back to March 31, 2019, when Lyle was on his way to the Miami airport with his son in a vehicle driven by his brother-in-law, Lucas Delfino, and they crossed paths with the car driven by Hernández.

At a red light, the Cuban got out to angrily reproach Delfino for a maneuver he had carried out.

In the middle of the discussion, Lyle got out of the car and hit Hernandez, who, according to the images collected by the security cameras of a nearby gas station, collapsed instantly.

The Mexican, known for his performance in soap operas such as “Adorable curse”, is out on bail and under electronic surveillance.

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According to the local media WPLG, a Miami affiliate of the ABC network, during today’s hearing the defense asked the magistrate to dismiss a first group of jury candidates after it emerged that they had discussed the case among themselves, something they have forbidden.

“They were talking about the case, how they saw it on the news,” confessed a potential juror in the room.

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