After 20 days hospitalized, Esteban Bullrich was discharged from the Hospital Austral

The former senator was discharged in the last hours
The former senator was discharged in the last hours

After staying 20 days in the Southern Hospital, Stephen Bullrich was discharged in the last few hours, as reported from the Southern Hospital in a recent medical report. On August 31, the former senator, who was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis last year, he had to be hospitalized for a pneumonia.

“He is doing well,” they said from the hospital. While, through a series of messages on social networks, the former Minister of Education thanked his family for the unconditional support he received at all times: “THANK YOU: To my wife, María Eugenia, and my children, for helping me carry my cross with a smile. And he stressed: “The war against ALS continues”.

The last medical part of Esteban Bullrich: he was discharged in the last hours
The last medical part of Esteban Bullrich: he was discharged in the last hours

According to the document issued by Hospital Austral, “on the date of the date, the patient Esteban Bullrich has been discharged”. In that tone, they highlighted that the former legislator “is in good progressrecovered from pneumonia for which he was admitted on August 31 and continue treatment at home”. In addition, the letter added: “His family, through this medical part, wishes to thank those who accompanied Esteban during all these days: ‘We return home to continue celebrating life, as a family and with God guiding our steps’”.

Within minutes of the news breaking, Bullrich made a Twitter thread. “THANK YOU!!! To God, for everything. To my wife, María Eugenia, and my children, for helping me carry my cross with a smile. To my family, for always being there. To my friends and brother for taking turns so that I am never alone. And, obviously, to the entire medical team at Hospital Austral, led by Pablo and Daniel”.

This was the message of thanks that Esteban Bullrich spread after receiving discharge
This was the message of thanks that Esteban Bullrich spread after receiving discharge

He also recognized the healthcare professionals Y hospital staff who attended him:You were largely responsible for the return home. And they carried it out with professionalism, good treatment and a smile always on the surface”. And, with a message loaded with new challenges, thanked “for the prayers, prayers and messages of support. They added strength to me to win this battle. The war against ALS continues”.

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Last August 31former senator Esteban Bullrich was hospitalized for a respiratory distress condition, as was known in the first medical report issued by the Austral Hospital. As they highlighted, “together with his family medical team, it was decided admit him to the intensive care unitperform a percutaneous tracheotomy and start mechanical ventilation”. At that time, from the hospital they indicated that the former minister was stable and sedated.

To the next daya new medical part was issued, in which they detailed that the former legislator remained “stable, under sedation, with mechanical ventilation and being treated for pneumonia” on the Intensive Care Unit of the Austral Hospital. Already the September 3from the health institution highlighted that they had begun to diminish sedation, with the possibility of interaction with their relatives”.

The last document on Bullrich’s health issued by the Hospital Austral was the September 5. As they highlighted, the former minister was “stable, under treatment for pneumonia, with mechanical ventilation and sedation has been withdrawn.” “He is awake and interacts with family members”, they added in the document. “The family takes advantage of this part to say that they are sharing with Esteban all the expressions of affection expressed and that he receives them with great emotion,” they concluded.

Esteban Bullrich's Instagram post
Esteban Bullrich’s Instagram post

From that moment, it was the former Minister of Education himself who spoke on social networks. His first appearance took place after the defeat of the club he loves: River Plate, against his classic rival Boca Juniors. “This bank account to the largest since intensive care, @riverplate, he wrote on his Instagram profile. 50 minutes after publication, her post had almost 25 thousand “likes”. His message was accompanied by the first photo that was released after his hospitalization.

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On September 14, Bullrich received news that the drug AMX0035, known as the drug Albrioza, which had been approved in Canada and for which it had filed an application with the ANMATreceived the recommendation of approval by United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

“This week an advisory committee of fda gave a glimmer of hope by endorsing a new treatment that could delay the course of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis,” Bullrich wrote, along with the Wall Street Journal newspaper article with the news. The FDA will meet on September 29 to see if it approves the drug in the US. It is a oral fixed-dose combination therapy can reduce neuronal cell death as a stand-alone therapy or when added to existing treatments, according to a major published scientific study both in the New England Journal of Medicine, Muscle & Nerve, as in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry.

It is worth remembering that the former senator should give up your bench in 2021 after being diagnosed with THE A and since last year has promoted a campaign to gather funds and collaborate with scientific advancement related to ALS. Under this idea was born the Bullrich Foundation, which organized events and information events. In one of his public appearances, the former Minister of Education told how the pathology lives. “I see it as if God had given me this disease so that I could take up the fight. I don’t let ALS rest. I will find a cure. I go to sleep always telling him I’m going to beat him,” she said.

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