Alondra García Miró left Paolo Guerrero because she was fed up with his immaturity, according to Rodrigo González | RMMD-EMCC | SHOWS

The presenter of the program Amor y fuego, Rodrigo González, gave more details of what has been the separation between the soccer player of the Peruvian national team, Paolo Guerreroand his ex-girlfriend the Peruvian model, Lark Garcia Miro. The popular Peluchín revealed that it was the green-eyed who ended the relationship with the “Predator” because she was already tired of the immaturity of the bicolor captain.

As I understand it, some saps that I have out there talk to me and tell me, do you know why Paolo is like this? Because the one who left him this time was Lark. She had had enough of Paolo and his immaturity, she was already fed up and decided to break up and finish ”, Peluchin said.

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To the surprise of many, Rodrigo González said that it was a “muca”, that is, a person from a very good source who told him details about the end of the popular couple’s relationship, one of the most beloved in the local environment.

Paolo Guerrero and Alondra García spend Christmas together.  Photo: Instagram
Paolo Guerrero and Alondra García spend Christmas together. Photo: Instagram

Rodrigo González also said that Paolo Guerrero did everything to get back with Alondra García Miró but that she went on a trip to Europe so Paolo “fell in love in 0.5” with the Brazilian dancer Ana Paula Consorte.

“Paolo thought that by making his approaches, which he sometimes throws, Alondra, like every other time, was going to come back and jump towards him. He clarified that he was not with anyone, the other (Alondra) went on a trip and the other (Paolo) fell in love at 0.5, went to see the family, took a picture of the children, fell in love but no, he was so upset and sometimes they promise you so many times, that he thought it was going to be one more and he finds himself surprised that Alondra did not come back, so now he is madly in love (with Ana Paula Consorte) ”, he added.

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