America loses its hot streak and falls to Nashville in the Leagues Cup

Through penalties, Fidalgo and Omar Martínez failed to seal the defeat.

America’s dramatic draw, but falls on a penalty with Nashville

By: Alvaro Cruz Santibanez

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The good winning streak for America ended in the Leagues Cup Showcase after losing on penalties to Nashville, in a match full of emotions.

América began intimidated by Nashville in a play from the left that continued with a low cross and Óscar Jiménez made a Memo Ochoa to deflect the attack from close range.

America is saved! Óscar Jiménez pulls it out by a miracle

After the first warning on goal, Nashville continued insistent and got a corner kick that Bauer took advantage of perfectly to put a powerful header into the net.

Surprise America! Bauer sends her to save for Nashville’s 1-0

Nashville’s second goal came a few minutes later, when another cross came from the left that Luke Haakenson sent into the net.

America does not react! Luke Haakenson makes Nashville 2-0

América took the lead and with a pinpoint pass from Jona dos Santos to Jürgen Damm, the ex-Atlanta United discount came with good definition.

They react! Jugadon and Damm puts her at the bottom 2-1 of America

America’s second goal came through Miguel Layún, after recovering a ball in the middle of the field, he drove meters and shot into the corner outside the area.

Nashville’s third goal came at the worst moment for America, just at minute 88, and it was Maher who took advantage of a defensive rebound and only had to push it.

The third falls! Maher pushes the ball for 3-2

At the end of the game came a shot from Fidalgo outside the area, Panicco rejected the ball and the rebound was left to Omar Martínez to tie.

Howling! Román Martínez draws 3-3 for America

Fidalgo and Martínez failed on penalties, while the young goalkeeper Tapia deflected the first, but it was not enough and the Eagles lost.

Fidalgo and Román fail and América falls on penalties against Nashville

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