Américo Villarreal warns that he could be arrested by order of García Cabeza de Vaca; Tamaulipas denies capture – El Financiero

The elected governor of Tamaulipas for Morena, Américo Villarreal Anaya, denounced this Wednesday that the outgoing state president, Francisco Garcia Cabeza de Vacaordered a control judge to release eight arrest warrants against him and people who will make up his cabinet.

“Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca met with a judge who unfortunately seems to have lent himself to a dirty and reprehensible game, to process and release eight arrest warrants against elected authorities, members of the party and, apparently, against me; this measure is unacceptable and we will not allow it,” he said.

Villarreal Anaya explained at a press conference that the control judge Miguel Moreno Castillo, who was in Altamira and was moved to the state capital, will be the one who issues the arrest warrants.

Among the arrest warrants are that of the mayor of Victoria, Eduardo Gattás; the former mayor of Nuevo Laredo, Carlos Canturosas; the leader of the Green Party, Manuel Muñoz Cano, in addition to an order to arrest him.

Given this, he assured that said arrest warrants are based on journalistic notes, for which, he said, he will not protect himself, since he does not know the crimes they are accused of.

The elected governor of Tamaulipas He also added that these actions have been accompanied by a “dark and Machiavellian” agenda, carried out by Governor García Cabeza de Vaca, “who, instead of being concerned about facing the pending processes, which he will have to attend to as soon as he leaves office and It was next October 1, it is totally focused on continuing to hurt and harm our state, hindering the democratic path of Tamaulipas.”

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Villarreal Anaya added that the outgoing governor and his party have fallen into despair, “breaking all unimaginable limits with a new shameful and sinister plan, which seeks to imposer judicial terror measures”.

He even described this action as “a coordinated action that seeks to provide the space for the outgoing governor to continue trying to manipulate legal decisions, with false documents and a whole series of dirty campaigns, which have been denied by the United States ambassador himself. In our country”.

The Tamaulipas government denied that there is an arrest warrant against the elected state president Americo Villarreal Anaya or collaborators of Morena, as he denounced a few hours ago at a press conference.

Through a statement, the Government of Tamaulipas ruled on Villarreal Anaya’s statements and pointed out that there are no such arrest warrants.

“Regarding the statements of Mr. Américo Villarreal Anaya, the Government of Tamaulipas clarifies that according to a query made before the Tamaulipas Attorney General’s Office and its different instances, it is false that there are or that arrest warrants have been requested. against him, relatives or close collaborators, as he publicly declared this day, ”it is pointed out.

Therefore, he clarified that only there are two arrest warrants in force against people from Morena, “They were issued in 2018 and 2021, cases that have been made public in the media due to the protections that the interested parties have processed and that, since they are current cases, no more details can be offered.”

These orders were the ones that were issued against the mayor of Reynosa, Carlos Peña Ortiz, accused in 2021 of operations with resources of illicit origin, and the former mayor of Nuevo Laredo, Carlos Canturosas Villarreal, for criminal association and illicit enrichment.

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