AMLO will try to support former employees of Mexicana de Aviación after eviction from AICM – El Financiero

At the beginning of September, elements of the Navy and the Army evicted former employees of Mexicana de Aviación who kept a section of the counters operated by the extinct airline at the Mexico City International Airport (AICM) occupied until before their departure from the airport. market.

The evicted space corresponded to a cafeteria attended by the company’s retired surcharges, which allowed them to keep in force the judicial processes to obtain their settlements, according to the statement. Association of Retirees, Workers and Former Workers of the Mexican Aviation (AJTEAM) in a press release.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador lamented the situation this Wednesday and assured that his government is trying to help, although many were affected by the neoliberal policy.

“We try to help but there are millions of Victims of neoliberal politicsit was a disaster so we are helping and looking for optionsalternatives, the purpose of the government is for there to be justice,” he said at a press conference on Wednesday.

He announced that he will invite the Secretary of Labor and Social Welfare, Luisa Maria Mayorto inform about it because it is she who is in charge of the matter.

“It is a very unfortunate matter, it is one of these issues that were inherited from the neoliberal policy and corruption that by the way the media does not talk about, but when they privatized everything, many injustices were committed,” he commented and recalled the company’s privatization process Mexicana de Aviación during the period of Vicente Fox.

The president, who pointed out that the former workers were sympathizers of the PAN, said that their leaders had not approached his government to ask for help but still try to support them.

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“In everything we can help we are doing it, they left us with the dismissal of electricians, dismissal of railroad workers, injustices to ejido peasants, a government completely opposed to the people,” he accused.

Why were the former employees of Mexicana de Aviación evicted from the AICM?

According to documents held by The financialthe AICM proceeded with the eviction to guarantee the safety, efficiency and profitability of the 16 counters that were occupied by Mexicana workers.

The AICM assured that the main reason for the eviction of the workers is user safety, although in the years that the cafeteria and surrounding businesses have been operating, no event has occurred to the detriment of the safety of travelers.

According to the information provided, the “individuals” did not prove that they had the permits to be on that federal property and that is why they proceeded to evict with the help of elements of the Mexican Navy and Army.

The document was signed by José Recillas Herrera, a lawyer from the legal affairs department of the Mexico City air port.

Mexicana workers had taken over the airline’s counters as a way of pressuring the Federal Government to resolve the labor dispute resulting from the airline’s bankruptcy. for more than 12 years.

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