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Magaly Medina defended the ‘ampay’ of Giuliana Rengifo with the notary Paul Pineda, who has been married for more than 20 years, and denied that this investigation was carried out because he was cruel to the cumbiambera.

With evidence in hand, the ‘Urraca’ assured that Katherine Tapiastill the wife of the Pucallpino notary, was the one who communicated with “Magaly TV: The Firm” to report that he was being a victim of infidelity. In this sense, the driver did not hesitate to expose the prosecutor’s messages to defend the credibility of her show program.

Mr. so-and-so I trust your discretion, I was desperate to write to you because that woman is a scoundrel. (…) I am sure that he has a relationship with that interested woman who brought her to my house”is the message that the notary’s wife sent to the production of the television program atvs.

In conversations broadcast by Magaly Medina, Katherine Tapia He launches strong qualifiers against the cumbiambera by assuring that she is to blame for her marriage having come to an end.

He is a married man with 3 children and Miss Rengifo knows it and doesn’t care, and she doesn’t care if the world knows it either, because she has already published it. I am the most interested in him discovering them, and I am sure that he has a relationship with that interested person who brought her to my house. With all this I am going to ask for a read in WhatsApp chats.

He has been my boyfriend since college, we have been together for 25 years, we have suffered so much to have what we have, everything costs us and that woman is not going to come and take advantage”, indicated the prosecutor, according to Magaly Medina.

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Given this, the “Urraca” assured that this “ampay” is not the product of revenge against the artist for revealing that she had an affair with her husband, alfredo zambranobut, on the contrary, they wanted to help a woman who claimed to be the victim of infidelity.

We reacted to a scream and a request for help. This lady told our investigators that she was in Lima when she found out that her husband was at home with this cumbiambera. (…) she was desperate”, pointed out the ATV figure.


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Giselo cries with emotion because of her mother's surprise
Giselo cries with emotion because of her mother’s surprise

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