Andrés Pastrana strongly criticized Petro’s speech at the UN

The president’s speech Gustavo Petro at the UN General Assembly was very broad, the president took the opportunity to address various issues such as the identity of Latin Americathe fight against drugs, problems of inequality, and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The President of the Senate, Roy Barreras published on his Twitter a message highlighting the president’s speech.

Read, see, listen to Gustavo Petro, spoke to the world in a profound, global, beautiful intervention in the sense that what is beautiful is life. If I hadn’t supported Petro today I would enthusiastically join his leadership.”

But, unlike Barreras, there were those who vehemently rejected it. From the opposition, for example, they did not remain silent.

One of the harshest criticisms was that of the former president, Andrés Pastranawho described the president’s intervention as shameful.

Shame! Petro declares himself in the UN as the great defender of cocaine. Discard its effects on public health and despise the dead that, like the Supreme Court massacred by its M-19 for Pablo Escobar, leave behind the mafias with whom power makes a pact today.”

The trill published minutes after Petro’s speech had a wide reception on the network, it has more than 10,000 likes, 5,465 shares and hundreds of comments. However, in the comments, many criticize Andrés Pastrana for his marked position before the head of state.

So much so that several users stressed the handling he had with the drug issue when he was president and others questioned him for his alleged ties to Jeffrey EpsteinAmerican tycoon accused of harassing and abusing minors, calling him a “pedophile”.

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Bogotá Councilman Julián Rodríguez Sastoque he wrote: “Well, when he talked about the failed war on drugs, he was also referring to you. Do the favor and it is included. The country does not forget his ineptitude. Nor do we forget Jeffrey Epstein and those pedophile mafias with whom power makes an agreement.

And others blamed Pastrana his failed attempts at peace with the former FARC, But things did not stop there because the criticism that the former president made of Petro was somehow returned to him when people who support the government positioned the #pedophile on Twitter to remind Pastrana of the link he had with Epstein.

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