Attack against Cristina Kirchner: Brenda Salva, Nicolás Carrizo’s lawyer, was fired from the Chamber of Deputies

The national deputy of Together for Change (JxC-Pro) Karina Bachey today decided to dismiss Brenda Salva as her advisor for taking the defense of Gabriel Carrizo, one of those arrested for the attack against Cristina Kirchner. “It is up to us to ensure the clarification of the fact and for social peace,” the opposition legislator justified her decision in a brief statement in which she explained that Selva he advised her “on issues of disabilitybut at the same time she practiced her profession as a lawyer.

The statement with the signature of the national deputy Karina Ethel Bachey
The statement with the signature of the national deputy Karina Ethel BacheyTwitter

The bloc of Deputies of the Front of All (FdT) urged last night to Bachey to separate “urgently” Brenda Salva, Carrizo’s defense attorney, from her group of collaborators, considering that her permanence in office “contradicts” democratic coexistence.

The lawyers of Nicolás Carrizo, Brenda Selva and Gastón Marano
The lawyers of Nicolás Carrizo, Brenda Selva and Gastón MaranoInstagram/Brenda Selva

“It is essential that the national deputy of Pro Karina Bachey urgently separate Brenda Salva, Gabriel Carrizo’s defense attorney, from her staff of advisers,” the FdT deputies bloc expressed in a statement.

Until a while ago, Salva was known for her work on television channels as a police panelist. She worked on the newscasts of Canal 26, LN + and Crónica TV.

Nicolás Gabriel Carrizo is the fourth detainee in the case that investigates the assassination attempt against the former resident that occurred on Thursday, September 1 last. Brenda Salva is a defender of Carrizo, along with Gastón Marano, who was an advisor until a few days ago to the national senator from Chubut deJxC, Ignacio Torres, in the Bicameral Intelligence Commission.

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Salva’s sponsorship of Carrizo was announced by the journalist from THE NATION, Carlos Pagni, last Monday. “Own Carrizo, a seller of sugar flakes, has two more lawyers. One is Brenda Salva, who curiously is an adviser to a PRO deputy”, mentioned the columnist, who continued: “They can all be coincidences, surely. But there is another more disturbing detail. Another lawyer appears for this same seller, Ferdinand Sicily, who is the defender of two people who have been in the news for the last two or three years: Leandro Araque and Facundo Melo. They are two members of the illegal espionage gang that worked under the orders of Silvia Majdalani in the AFI during the Macri government. Araque is a spy who was recruited by the AFI from the Metropolitan Police. Melo is a lawyer who navigates all rivers. It is curious that a lawyer like Sicilia takes as a client this other defendant who is a seller of sugar flakes. So the obvious first question is Who pays these lawyers? Do they want to take care of Carrizo or do we have to protect someone who may be linked to him? Perhaps he is not linked to Carrizo for the attack against Cristina, but for other activities linked to the lives of street vendors who, perhaps, sell other things. The truth is that there is now a kind of leader of this gang who has lawyers linked in one way or another to politics and espionage causes. The question one asks is how much cotton candy do you have to sell to pay these lawyers. All this begins to have another density”.

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“During 20 years of journalistic work, both in print, radio and recently television, I tried (I’m even sure I did), to communicate with the truth, to give objective and concrete facts.” This is how Brenda Salva began downloading her on her Instagram profile, where she referred to her work as Carrizo’s representative and pointed out those who “use lies and deception to fatten up news.”

“As I was a journalist and a lover of law, I decided to make my relationship with the latter official. And leave the media behind.”, she maintained, adding: “Today I am proud of that decision. I thank those who put sticks in my wheels, who mistreated me and even humiliated me. Because today, with another perspective, from the other side of the counter, the vision of the concept of TRUTH changes noticeably”.

Salva confirmed her work as an adviser to Deputy Bachey, in addition to having carried out journalistic tasks for “several official referents.” “I was also a press for artists when I was 20″, she said, adding: “Ah, I forgot: I was also a press for social movements”.

“I’m a lawyer. I work proudly and with a lot of passion for what I love. And I am lucky to do it with Dr. [Gastón] Marano. I am passionate about criminal law. And I exercise it with pleasure”, continued Salva, who underlined: “Investigate where you have to investigate, do not waste your valuable time looking for links where there are none.. Do not invent stupid things, you are responsible for shaping public opinion. And by the way, I will be available for anything that can be said about the cause. But please: nonsense, no”.

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