Attack on Cristina Kirchner: Nicolás Carrizo’s defense attorney explained how his services are financed

Gaston Maranoone of the two lawyers defending Nicolás Carrizo, leader of the “copitos” gang and who is being investigated for his participation in the assassination attempt against Cristina Kirchner, shared a statement on Instagram where answered questions about his role as an advocate.

In a post, he spoke about his arrival in the cause, the bond he maintains with Carrizo and his family, his fees and speculation about an alleged relationship with opposition parties.

“During the last two days I listened on channels of all kinds a series of hypotheses and lucubrations about who I am, who I answer to and who pays my fees. They also talked about what my role is in the case in which the execrable attack against Cristina Fernández de Kirchner is being investigated”, he began by saying.

“I am going to answer the questions that have kept the press awake in recent days,” he said. And he addressed the first question: How do I get to this cause?

“Through the reference of a colleague who decided not to take the representation because he did not have the amount of work hours that this defense required. And he proposed to Carrizo’s family to contact me, which they did “Marano replied.

On who pays him, he clarified: “Due to Carrizo’s economic situation, I decided to take the cause ‘pro-bono’, that is, for the minimum charge. Eventually, Carrizo or whoever is sentenced for costs at the end of the process will pay me.

“This case represents an enormous professional challenge,” he added. It is a cause with great public and media significance, which makes it possible for my work and the way in which I carry it out to be known. A cause like this is also taken up when one knows that it can make a difference.”

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in allusion to Brenda Saves -The second defender of the leader of the “Banda de los copitos”, Marano, maintained: “Brenda has been working with me for many years. She was a student and now she is a professional”synthesized.

Gastón Marano and Brenda Salva, the lawyers of Gabriel Nicolás Carrizo
Gastón Marano and Brenda Salva, the lawyers of Gabriel Nicolás Carrizo

To the question “Did Javier Milei/Ramiro Marra, Ignacio Torres, the PRO/CIA put him in this case?”, answered: “No, Gabriel Nicolás Carrizo put me in this cause. I have no ties with the PRO or with any other political space ”And he completed: “When a person enters my office, I don’t ask them what their political inclination is, but rather which of their rights is being violated. And I’m going to defend her.”

In recent days, it was learned that Marano had served as advisor to the Permanent Bicameral Commission for the Oversight of Intelligence Organizations and Activities under the recommendation of Ignacio Torres, a PRO senator. After making the data known, the legislator distanced himself from the lawyer.

Cristina Kirchner’s lawyer Juan Manuel Ubeira accused in AM990 to the defender of having worked for the United States embassy and referents of the La Libertad Avanza party, whose maximum referent is deputy Javier Milei.

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