Attack on Cristina Kirchner: Sabag Montiel and Uliarte did not appeal the prosecution and were charged as “co-authors”

Sabag Montiel and Brenda Uliarte
Sabag Montiel and Brenda Uliarte

Fernando Sabag Montiel and Brenda Uliarte They decided not to appeal the prosecution that accused them as co-authors of the qualified attempted murder of the vice president Cristina Kirchnerrevealed to Infobae judicial sources. It is a strategy of the defenses so as not to discuss in this instance the evidence that already seriously compromises them in the case and that will be difficult to reverse before the Federal Chamber. That will allow us to move quickly towards the oral trial.

as far as he could tell infobae, The decision was made in the last hours simultaneously by the detained couple. Brenda met last Monday with the official defender Gustavo Kollman, where they evaluated the steps to follow. On Tuesday, defender Juan Martin Hermida visited Fernando Sabag Montiel to explain the status of the case and the alternatives at stake.

The strategy was not to appeal. “They are cooked”, they say in the corridors of courts to try to understand what they would have gained by trying to challenge the evidence collected so far. The time to appeal expired this Wednesday at 9:30.

Brenda Uliarte, transferred by the PSA
Brenda Uliarte, transferred by the PSA

With this resolution, the decision made last Thursday by Judge María Eugenia Capuchetti remains firm: there Sabag Montiel and Brenda Uliarte were considered co-authors of the crime of aggravated homicide by the use of firearms, treachery and premeditated competition of two or more people, in degree of attempt. Also his preventive detention and the embargo of 100 million pesos.

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“Although it was Sabag Montiel who used the firearm against the victim, the truth is that Uliarte also had an active participation in the execution of the act, in which he was present a few meters from what happened, providing logistical and moral support to its realization,” said the ruling.

It was also indicated that it was for “reasons beyond their control” that Sabag Montiel and Uliarte were unable to carry out the plan to kill Cristina Kirchner. A plan that, according to the judge, began at least on April 22 when Brenda told a friend that she had bought a gun. That she knew how to use it. In August, in a dialogue with Agustina Díaz -her friend who is also detained today-, Brenda stated: I go with the iron and I shoot Cristina… they give me the ovaries to do it… the issue is how because the old woman has security”.

That resolution also reviews the decision of Sabag Montiel and Uliarte to rent an apartment in front of the Vice President’s building (“Cristina and the people are meeting in Recoleta. To hit him with a corchazo”.) And the failed plan to carry out the attempted murder on August 27, the day the vice president spoke in front of her militancy who had mobilized to her house to protest and demand that the fences that the City Police take down. Sabag Montiel says: “Damn you come… He’s not going to come out… He’s already gone inside”. And his girlfriend replies: “What a daughter of a bitch, Cristi…She realizes it”.

Fernando Sabag Montiel
Fernando Sabag Montiel

All this is what remains firm so that, when the time comes, the prosecutor Carlos Rívolo requests the elevation to oral trial. But that hypothesis would not be imminent: it will be necessary to see if new evidence can appear on them that forces them to be called for investigation. It is not something to rule out, taking into account that information from different procedures that were carried out on them to frame their criminal responsibility continues to be processed. One of these measures aims to find out if they could have received funds to carry out the assassination attempt.

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Simultaneously, Capuchetti and Rívolo they work to define what role they will assign to Agustina DíazBrenda’s friend who was arrested last week and who this Wednesday will expand her investigative statement with the aim of improving her procedural situation, and also to Nicholas Gabriel Carrizothe so-called chief of the copitos on whom all eyes are now on after they found dialogues on the telephone that he voluntarily handed over as a witness that turned him into one of the main suspectssaying that he had given him another weapon that had to be discarded, that the plan had to be carried out the following week, and that he had to go after “the leader of the Cámpora”.

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