Barrage of criticism for the new section of Omar Montes in ‘El Hormiguero’

One of the novelties of season 17 of the anthill was the signing of Omar Montes as a collaborator. The singer debuted this Wednesday, without much luck.

The section is called they are cheating us because I’m tired of watching videos on the internet and being screwed. I am going to be the expert of these videos, to prove if they are true or false”, explained the singer to Pablo Motos and Romeo Santos, the guest of the day.

First he tried to make a viral video, that of putting a table tennis ball into a glass of water after bouncing off several pans. Montes showed that it was false by disguising his grandfather in a green suit for the chrome.

The second video tried to prove that it was false was one in which the protagonist put a bag of chips or worms on a T-shirtI glued it, I put glass cleaner on it, I put it in the microwave, it was glued and the brand logo was printed.

Montes also showed that it was false, since he tried to repeat it live, but all it did was start a small fire and singe the bag of popcorn that had been taped to the shirt.

But the new collaboration of the Madrilenian in the Antena 3 program was highly criticized in networkscoming to be described as “of other people’s shame” or “slapstick”, among others.

Romeo Santos and Omar Montes, in 'El Hormiguero'.
Romeo Santos and Omar Montes, in ‘El Hormiguero’.

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