Bartomeu did not dare to sanction Piqué

The information from the newspaper ‘El Mundo’ regarding the negotiations -almost demands- between Messi and FC Barcelona today offered the second chapter of the series that has been called ‘Barçaleaks’. In this second installment the protagonist is Gerard Piquédetailing his fabulous 142 million gross contract over five seasons, but The most striking thing is to see how Josep Maria Bartomeu’s board does not dare to sanction Piqué for the production of the documentary for Movistar about the failed signing of Antoine Griezmann despite the fact that an internal report accuses the central defender of causing “very serious damage to the club”.

It must be remembered that these revelations come from the leak of thousands of documents that were in the computers that were judicially seized in the course of the ‘Barçagate’ case, which is still under summary secrecy and to which ‘El Mundo’ has accessed, revealing the parts that do not refer to that particular complaint.

In June 2018, Gerard Piqué, through his company Kosmos, produced a documentary for Movistar about the negotiation between Barcelona and Atlético de Madrid footballer Antoine Griezmann. It was titled ‘The decision’ and it ended fatally for Barça’s interests. In the documentary, almost like a reality show, Griezmann assured that he was staying at Atlético and the disgust of the decision was followed by the indignation of seeing how the leaders of Barcelona were portrayed. With the addition, that one of his best-paid employees -Gerard Piqué- took advantage of the circumstance.

Josep Maria Bartomeu commissioned the Club’s Legal Services a report that concluded that “Gerard Piqué put his interests before those of the club”; “disrespected” and “created a conflict of interest” to an entity, which, as a result of the documentary, it was clear that it had negotiated with a player who had a valid contract.

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Given these facts, the report raised the possibility of imposing on Piqué “a penalty of 25% of a month’s salary”. An amount that would amount to 300,000 euros.

Despite the fact that the legal services report based the sanction on the breach of two clauses of his contract (acting against the interests of the club and disrespecting FC Barcelona, ​​​​the president and the rest of the directors) a second internal report left this sanction in the lurch.

In that second report it was warned of the danger of sanction due to “high media pressure” and the proximity of an electoral process. Given all this and despite the anger of the board and the president in particular, the Ethics Commission led by Maria Teixidó, finally did not act against the player who six months earlier had become the highest paid central defender in the world. The relationship was already broken.

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