Biden accuses Putin of making “reckless” nuclear threats to wipe Ukraine off the map

President Joe Biden has taken advantage of the global pulpit of the General Assembly of the United Nations Organization (UN) to make a severe condemnation against the war unleashed by Russia with the sole intention of “erasing Ukraine from the map” and has warned that “ If a nation pursues its imperial ambitions without consequence, then we risk everything this institution stands for.”

In the context of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s words that the possible use of nuclear weapons “is not a bluff” in view of the military failure of the Ukrainian counteroffensive, Biden has described Putin as “ruthless”. “Again, just today, President Putin has made reckless nuclear threats with reckless disregard for non-proliferation treaty responsibilities. A nuclear war cannot be won and should never be fought.”

Biden accuses Putin of “unleashing a brutal and unnecessary war”

Biden accuses Putin of making nuclear threats

Biden accuses Putin of “blatantly violating” the basic principles of the UN Charter


He recalled that “no country can occupy the territory of a nation by force.” He stresses that “Ukraine has the same right as any other sovereign nation. We are in solidarity with Ukraine, we are with the Ukrainians and against Russian aggression.”

The US president insists that “a permanent member of the UN Security Council invaded his neighbor in an attempt to erase his sovereignty is a shameless violation of the true core of the United Nations charter.” He has accused Putin of “unleashing a brutal and unnecessary war.”

Biden is shocked that Russia calls reservists or calls “regrettable referendums” to annex territories

“This war – he continued – consists only in extinguishing Ukraine’s right to exist as a state, said plain and simple, and Ukraine has the right to exist as a people”. He has appealed to consciences, “wherever you live, whatever you believe in, this should make your blood run cold.”

He has also been outraged at Russia calling up reservists or calling “regrettable referendums to annex significant parts of Ukraine, an extreme violation” of the founding spirit of the United Nations. “These acts are as outrageous as they seem,” she says.

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Biden, who due to the trip to London for the funeral of the British queen spoke on the second day and not the first of the assembly as usual, stresses that “no one threatened Russia and no one other than Russia sought this conflict.” He emphasizes that the White House warned of what was coming and that many joined forces to prevent it.

He denounces the attacks on civil infrastructure (hospitals, schools, transport, energy) and has expressed horror at “the atrocity of war crimes” due to the appearance of mass graves.

The president assures that the US does not seek a cold war with China

After warning of the urgency of combating climate change, Biden’s speech has turned towards China, when he has stated that the US is not seeking a Cold War with the Asian giant and has reiterated that Washington will not support any unilateral change in the status quo with Taiwan, whose sovereignty Beijing claims.

“We do not seek conflict. We do not want any nation to have to choose between the United States and another ally. But the United States will promote a free, open, secure Indo-Pacific and a prosperous world,” he says.

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Biden has reiterated his government’s respect for the “one China” principle that Beijing imposes as the basis of its ties with any country, so that the only Chinese Executive that the US must recognize is the one based in Beijing , which distances it from Taiwan’s independence aspirations.

This commitment on China and Taiwan comes after the US leader said last Sunday in an interview with the CBS network that he would order the sending of military forces to defend Taiwan in the event that China invaded the island.

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