Bisquets Obregón: this is the Mexican politician who owns the brand

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There are many companies that started as a modest family business and are currently one of the most successful franchises with the greatest presence in Mexico, such is the case of Biscuits Obregon.

Although they could be two totally different branches, this company specialized in the coffee-restaurant business is not far from the world of politics, since a recognized Mexican politician owns the brand.

It was in 1945 when a young employee of a restaurant in Mexico City was invited by his uncle to work at ‘La Perla de Oriente’, a small business that opened its doors on September 29 at number 60 on Álvaro Obregón street. of the Roma colony.

The young man continued to run the business and after several years of savings managed to buy the property where the establishment was located, which gained fame for the delicious biscuits that were prepared there.

Little by little, the café-restaurant grew and expanded in locations in the Mexican capital until it became Biscuits Obregonbut who owns the brand?

This is the Mexican politician who owns Bisquets Obregón

well then the The owner of Bisquets Obregón is Don Miguel Ángel Mancera SeguraDoes the name sound familiar to you? Yes, the founder of this popular business is nothing more and nothing less than the father of the former head of government of Mexico City: Miguel Angel Mancera Espinosa.

It should be noted that when the now PRD senator was appointed head of government, he never hid his facet as a businessman to which he dedicates himself in his free time to continue with the growth of Biscuits Obregon.

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In this way, the company belongs to the Mancera family, under the name of Pan y Café de Tradición SA de CV, and it was the sons of Don Miguel Ángel who began working on the development of franchises.

The first opened in 1995 in Cancun, Quintana Roo, and currently boasts about 120 branches in at least 12 states of the Mexican Republic.

Those interested in acquiring a franchise of this popular cafe-restaurant must pay an initial fee of one thousand dollars, the equivalent of one million 300 thousand pesos.

While for a small branch, 40 thousand 950 dollars are required, around 819 thousand pesos; however, the company requests 5 percent royalties for technical assistance and use of the brand, 2 percent for institutional advertising, 0.5 percent for local advertising, and contract renewal at no cost.

It is important to mention that its franchise business model Biscuits Obregon It is based on four points: abundant and quality products, extensive experience, teamwork and careful selection of franchisees.

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