Blow for drivers would be greater in 2023: gasoline would rise more (and in less time)

Ocampo, in dialogue with Portafolio, pointed out that the increases in gasoline prices for 2023 are subject to inflation and the amount of money recovered for the Stabilization Fund of fuels.

Thus, it is possible that the next year’s increases are higher and in less time (this year it will be 200 pesos a month, starting in October).

“I think that the next month we will start with small increases initially, so as not to affect inflation, which is very high, and the next year, when other items of inflation begin to drop, make the adjustment a little faster,” Ocampo told that newspaper. .

The head of the portfolio Tax authorities added that a sustained increase of 200 pesos for the next 15 months would lead to a collection of 9 billion pesos. This will greatly affect the owners of cars and motorcycles throughout the country.

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This means that the deficit of 38 billion pesos, according to the Government, it would be lowered to 29 billion pesos in the last months of next year (for this reason, the increase in prices could be accelerated).

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Gasoline in Colombia: prices worry truckers

Jorge García, president of the National Association of Truckers (ANC), said that this union will meet with President Gustavo Petro to express several doubts before the rise in gasoline.

“Fear is for everyone. Colombia has a very large oversupply of vehicles and due to this there is a lot of informality, therefore they have not complied with freight rates for years. There is no guarantee on how it should be. There is an oversupply, it is necessary to regulate and it has not been done. At this moment we are practically working at a loss,” García said on Blu Radio.

Faced with the possibility of staging a national strike, García said that it is something that is not ruled out, but that it would only be done in case the dialogue with the Government is not satisfactory for them.

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A hungry one does whatever. We want to talk and be heard. Taking a measure like that at this time is giving a bell to the country in every way, because the cost of living skyrockets, “Garcia said in that medium.

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