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“Regarding the constitutional plebiscite, there is a lot of anxiety (on the part of investors) to have definitions on the matter as soon as possible to be clear about what to expect in the coming months,” Marcel said.

As part of his visit to New York, President Gabriel Boric and the Minister of Finance, Mario Marcelmade their appointment with the president of the World Bank, David Malpass.

Since his arrival in the Big Apple, Minister Marcel held various meetings and was part of the group of ministers that accompanied President Boric in his speech before the 77th UN General Assembly and a meeting with the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen.

“Issues have been mixed that are more global politics, Chile’s insertion in the world and, of course, interest in knowing what is happening with the Chilean economy,” said the head of the Treasury.

Regarding the meetings with investors, including relevant players in the financial market such as Schroders, Vanguard, EMSO, Trager, Compass, Moneda, Wellington and QFR, among others, the Secretary of State admitted that these they have expressed the need for “definitions” after the result of the Plebiscite.

“The pragmatism with which we have been facing the tax reform has been welcome, there is much interest in knowing the content of the pension reform, particularly due to its interaction with the capital market. Regarding the Constitutional plebiscite, there is a lot of anxiety to have definitions on the matter as soon as possible to be clear about what to expect in the coming months,” said Marcel.

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He added that as a government they were clear that “A new constitutional process will not interfere with the reform agenda of President Boric’s government.”

Marcel assured, yes, that he found fewer degrees of uncertainty on the part of investors.

“There is greater tranquility to see the development of the Chilean economy, there are fewer areas of uncertainty and this will allow us -with the steps that we have planned for the coming months in the evolution of the tax, social security reform and the Budget Law, plus the definitions that exist around the constitutional process- reduce uncertainty and move investment projects perhaps faster than expected”he claimed.

Finally, he stressed that “we have been able to demonstrate with new figures and new projections the achievements in fiscal management that are a good prelude to what will soon be presented in the Budget Law project for 2023.”

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