Budget 2023: approved in the economic commissions of Congress – Sectors – Economy

The Joint Economic Commissions approved the draft of the General Budget of the Nation for 2023, which incorporates an amount of 405.6 billion pesos. The next step will be its approval in plenary sessions of the Chamber and Senate, for which the congressmen have until midnight on October 20.

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Of that total, 74 billion pesos will go to the investment, which represents an increase of 6.3 percent compared to the 69.6 billion pesos allocated for 2022.

After the budget addition of 14.14 billion pesos, some of the sectors that benefited the most are agriculture, with an additional 2 billion pesos for a total amount of 4 billion pesos: Presidency, with an additional 1.8 million for 3.39 billion pesos; and mines and energy, with an addition of 1.5 billion pesos for a total of 7.6 billion pesos.

In the debate, the different congressmen criticized the low budget of the regions. For example, Representative Jhon Fredy Nuñez said that he views with concern what corresponds to the maintenance of roads in Caquetá or Senator Liliana Benavides the resources of Nariño.

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After several hours of discussion, a first block of 90 articles was voted on, which had no proposals filed and were approved as they were in the paper. Subsequently, the congressmen voted for another block of articles that did have proposals.

For this one In the first debate, 144 proposals were filed, which remained as records for discussion in the second debate, by the plenary of the Congress.

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Regionalized investment

All the departments of the country will see an increase in regionalized resources of the budget.

For example, the department of Amazonas will have an increase of 93.2 percent in regionalized investment resources, going from 172,000 million pesos to 332,000 million pesos by 2023.

Vaupés will have a similar situation, which will increase its budget by 108 percent to 189,000 million pesos.

Guaviare is another of those that will have a growth in investment by increasing 70.4 percent to 293,000 million pesos.

The director of National Planning, Jorge Iván González, stressed that public investment is based on resource distribution criteria that allow the reduction of regional gaps.

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