Car fell from the Tequendama Falls and its two occupants died | Bogota

A vehicle fell from Tequendama waterfall this morning (1:30 am) with two people, who died on the spot. Their bodies could not be rescued due to weather conditions, as confirmed to BluRadio the authorities, who are investigating whether it was suicide, since, apparently, the driver took momentum and deliberately launched the vehicle.

“Apparently, the vehicle gained momentum at kilometer 8, via Soacha – Mesitas del Colegio and jumped into the abyss. Based on information from the community, the vehicle had two occupants,” said Lieutenant Cristian Quiroga, Commander of the Fire Department of San Antonio de Tequendama.

A photo, posted on Twitter by the station Crystal Clear Stereo, shows that the vehicle had plates RMW778 from Bogotá, red. Lhe authorities are trying to get to the place because the weather conditions are not the best.

The Lieutenant Quiroga stated in Mañanas Blu that the car could not be seen and that the photo of the plate, which is already circulating on social networks, was taken thanks to the fact that this part of the vehicle remained at the top.

added that it was established that the owner of the vehicle is a resident of San Antonio del Tequendama: “Apparently, he is a resident of the municipality of San Antonio del Tequendama, we are trying to establish contact with the relatives. TAs soon as we had contact with the plate, through the support network, it was very quick to establish it”.

The lieutenant added that the relatives did not know about the event, given that it occurred at 1:30 in the morning, time at which units of the San Antonio de Tequendama Fire Department arrived.

“People, being such a lonely place, are very attentive to the situation”added the official, when answering the question about why there were witnesses to the event.

The Salto del Tequendama is located southwest of Bogotá, in the municipality of Soacha, and for many years it has been used by people who want to end their lives. If the suicide is confirmed, this would be one more that occurs in this that has become a tourist destination

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