Carla Conte spoke about her incorporation into the work El Divorcio after the controversial departure of Leticia Brédice

Carla Conte spoke of her incorporation into the controversial work El Divorce

Many theater companies began rehearsing for the summer theater season. In Mar del Plata, they had announced that the work would be premiered on December 27 The divorce, starring Luciano Castro, Natalie Pérez, Pablo Rago and Leticia Brédice, with production of Javier Faroni. Before the premiere, there was a short circuit between the director Nelson Valente and one of the actresses was released from the work.

“Leticia was in that show. I say he was because by the decision of the director and the production, they asked him to leave the cast, “he had assured Laura Ufal in intruders (America TV), the cycle that drives Flor de la V. “They tell me they had internal problems. She was showing up to rehearsals and it wasn’t on her axis. He was embarrassing”, he added.

“They were rushing because they want to be the first to debut in Mar del Plata. In fact, the photos for the marquee were already there. Now they have to change everything,” explained the journalist. Then she revealed that Carla Conte she had been chosen to fill the role of Brédice.

Leticia Brédice left the cast of El Divorcio
Leticia Brédice left the cast of El Divorcio

After this scandal, the actress spoke with intruders of his joining The divorce: “I am in the best moment at a work level. I’ve wanted to do theater for a long time, they called me from Faroni and I loved it. It was not my plan to do a season, but the cast and the play are so beautiful that I said yes”.

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Regarding the abrupt departure of Leticia, Conte did not want to give many details: “I feel a lot of respect for this situation, but I do not know much about the internal situation. When asked about Nelson Valente, replied: “I met him here, the only day I rehearsed. When I arrived I had read the work once”.

In addition, the actress admitted that she feels very nervous about returning to the stage with such an important production: “I want to cheer up because if they called me it’s because they think I can do it and I think so too.”

As soon as the news was known, Brédice asked for the right to reply in the cycle of shows in America to talk about his differences with Valente: “I did not leave anywhere, they kicked me out. If you enter a company, the other has no empathy, and the director says in the second rehearsal: ‘Leticia, I don’t want you to come.’ So I don’t have to go on.”

In addition, the artist believed that the director “did not empathize” with her. So she decided to call him and ask him if she had said something that had upset him. During the telephone conversation, Ubfal commented that there was an episode that was uncomfortable for the director and his colleagues. “It came to me that you warmed up and showed a part of your body,” the journalist pointed out.

In this regard, the actress replied: “The only thing I told the director was that for me the book had the trap of divorce and it had to have another trap. I proposed a joke when the character of Natalie (Pérez) does not see us, we could make a movement with the tail. It looks like he didn’t like that. They wanted something more familiar. Obviously, I hurt the director’s ego.”

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“I never did a season in Mar del Plata and now they have offered me to do a Greek classic that I am going to premiere at the San Martín,” said Leticia, relieved because she was able to quickly get another job in one of the most prestigious theaters on Corrientes street.

The work The divorce is a comedy, written and directed by Valente, in which at a dinner between two couples of friends, one of them who has just rebuilt their relationship after several months of separation, shares with the other the secrets of the method they used to achieve their reconciliation. Everything would indicate that it is a proven method… The point is that not all couples are the same and, from here on, endless fun situations follow one another.


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