Carlos Loret de Mola: The fracture of Morena in the Edomex

In Morena, Delfina Gómez’s candidacy for the Government of the State of Mexico was not one of unity. She has generated more fractures than expected. The groups of the morenismo mexiquense do not look serene nor do they seem willing to comply with the order of President López Obrador that the senator and former secretary of Public Education be the candidate for the Government with the largest population and budget in the country. Today, what the sources tell me is that the two most important figures of Morena in the State, Delfina Gómez and Higinio Martínez, do not even speak to each other.

After he was not favored with the candidacy and was even mistreated, Higinio moved his chips and managed to have full control of Morena’s leadership in the State of Mexico. In the elections a couple of weeks ago for the State Political Council, his group swept over the currents of Delfina Gómez and Horacio Duarte. The three most important positions of Morena in the State of Mexico are occupied by people from the political group of Higinio Martínez: the new president of the State Executive Committee of Morena in Edomex is Martha Guerrero, the new secretary general is the deputy Nazario Gutiérrez and the new head of the Morenista Political Council is the former deputy Nancy Napoles. This generated such concern for the national leader, Mario Delgado -present at the election that took place in Toluca-, that he had to dedicate his speech to highlighting the strategic importance of unity if they want to take away the PRI’s historical bastion.

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But it seems that his words did not resonate. Delfina, on the one hand, instructed the “war room” of her campaign that the first step towards the candidacy is to annihilate Higinio. And on the other hand, she decided to fight back and returned to his seat in the Senate. Who occupied it? Her substitute: just the newly elected leader Martha Guerrero. She was the victim. She was revenge for staying with Morena’s state leadership and not giving up the position to Delfina’s team.

In Morena, tensions are at their maximum, and that there are eight months to go before the elections. The former Secretary of Public Education faces the enormous challenge of maintaining the real unity of her party, not just lip service.

Given how close the contest is expected -especially because of Delfina’s vulnerability to the sentence that implicates her in stealing wages from Texcoco workers when she was municipal president-, if Higinio Martínez and his group feel displaced from Morena and reach agreements with the PRI governor Alfredo Del Mazo, Delfina’s campaign could stumble badly.


What if President López Obrador wanted to have a flirting gesture with the PRI? What if he wanted to thank the good treatment he has always received from Del Mazo? What if that’s why he sent the most vulnerable candidate in his entire deck?

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