Cases of black fungus detected in Santiago del Estero: We are all in contact and although it can be lethal, it is curable if detected in time

Rhinocerebral mucormycosis, known as “black fungus disease” mainly affects immunosuppressed people, with diabetes or transplant. Specialist doctors who treat the fungus provided details in this note.

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In the year 2021, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, more and more cases of coronavirus began to be registered in India. rhinocerebral mucormycosispopularly known as black fungus disease. In Santiago del Estero was not the exception, and currently they are two patients admitted to the Regional Hospital recovering of this infection to which all people are exposed, but which only affects a part of the population; and although it can be lethal, there is treatment and a cure if it is detected in time.

What is it about

Mucormycosis is an infection of fungi of the order mucorales (mold)which is distributed in nature, in the air, on the ground, in decaying fruits and vegetables, reports the specialist biochemical doctor, doctor Julian Serrano to Panorama Newspaper. It is a fungus that enters the body through the nostrils or the mouth and produces the first lesions there, which are often mistaken for sinusitis or dental sores; and it is highly invasive.

It gained notoriety in India when more than 4,000 cases were detected during the pandemic, leaving many deaths due to its lethality. However, although aggressive, does not attack the entire populationbut the main people affected are the immunosuppressed, with diabetes, with oncological treatments or prolonged treatments with corticosteroids. In addition, it is also important to clarify that the fungus is not transmitted from person to person.

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The importance of early diagnosis

Specialists emphasize the fundamental role of medical personnel who receive patients with the first symptoms; both in hospital guards, upas and any specialty, since the first few days are essential to be able to attack the fungus in timebefore it causes serious injury.

The fungus “Behaves like a sinus or dental infection, they start treatment with antibiotics, but when it advances through the blood vessels it can no longer be controlled, and it consumes the tissues, producing necrosis,” says the doctor Jorgelina Pons (MP 3400), specialist in charge of the Head and Neck Surgery area of ​​the Regional Hospital of Santiago del Estero. Precisely, the necrosis it produces in the tissues is what gives it the popular name of “black fungus” to infection.

“That is why the diagnosis has to be suspected,” they continue, so it is important that doctors consult the patient if they are part of the group of people at risk, to take the sample and thus start the corresponding treatment.

How is the treatment

The way to combat rhinocerebral mucormycosis is through antimycotic Amphotericin B and with aggressive surgery, removing all infected tissue. Herein lies the importance of timely diagnosis, since the larger the infection, the more aggressive the surgery will be.

“Once we have the sample, a direct examination of observations is carried out in the laboratory, and in 2 hours it is already possible to detect the hyphae of the fungus and this allows to start with the presumptive treatment; the final result is confirmed with the 15-day culture to see which specific fungus it is”, explains Dr. Serrano.

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Hygiene above all

“The fungus is very widespread, you have to be careful with hygiene, hand washing and disinfection,” they maintain, emphasizing once again that it is not transmitted from person to person.

In this sense, and taking into account the importance of early detection and correct diagnosis, a few days ago an athenaeum was held with the medical staff of the hospital to provide information about the fungus and to gain time with those who could have it.

Also, the doctors indicated that On September 28, another activity of this nature will be held at the Ministry of Health, intended for all health personnel in the city. “We have to be alert, especially dentists. Although it is not common, the two cases that we have in recovery were detected in a week, so we are evaluating factors in the province; the diagnosis has to be suspected, and lSampling is very simple, through a swab”, Dr. Pons concluded.

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