Chaquito Giménez knew that “it was going to be a bit illogical to take four ‘9’s to the World Cup”

The fight for the three center forward positions for the ‘Tata’ Martino Mexican National Team is between Raúl Jiménez, Rogelio Funes Mori, Santiago Giménez and Henry Martín.

Santiago Gimenezforward of the Mexican teamassured that he was not surprised by the words of Gerard Martin, who last Tuesday expressed that he will only take three forward centers to the World Cup Qatar 2022because he considered it illogical that he summon the four nines that he has on the list that he presented to face the last FIFA date prior to said contest.

“From the beginning I knew that it was going to be a bit illogical to take four when the technical director plays with a striker, so obviously I imagined that I was going to take three, I was not so surprised because I knew that was the idea”, were the words of the attacker of Feyenoord.

The fight for the three positions of forward centers for the Mexican team of ‘Tata’ Martino it is between Raul Jimenez, Rogelio Funes Mori, Santiago Gimenez, and Henry Martinthe latter fights for the scoring championship of the Opening 2022a situation that has surprised him because he did not expect so many annotations.

“I feel very proud of what I have achieved in such a short time, in such a short time and the battle, so to speak, for the position, well how it should be, a World Cup is not given to you, the World Cup you have to earn and it has to be like that, a healthy fight, but very strong, as it is being and I think that ‘Tata’ and those who decide are happy about it, the worst thing is that none of them was at a good time and they had to choose nothing else for choose, I think now you have a lot of bases and a lot of foundation to make your choice.”

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“I don’t know what they (the other three center forwards) can give you, the only thing is that I kill myself on the pitch, I’ve shown it, I give myself one hundred percent to my team. Not because I’m nine I think that only I have to score, I’ve shown it in the tournament, despite the fact that I’m fighting for scoring, if I have to attend, I attend, because for me the most important thing is the team. Give myself in everything and serve for the team”.

Just last Tuesday Gerardo Martinotechnical director of the Mexican team, informed that in the final list that he will present for the Qatar World Cup 2022 only three of the four center forwards he currently has on the roster will be there.

“What happens is that today we have an inequality in the possibilities, because there are two fit to play and two who are not fit. I always said that nine is Raul (Jimenez), is with an injury that does not allow him to have continuity, what gives me satisfaction is that we are not in trouble due to shortages, but we have to define the situation between four, it is clear that the four are not going to go. The more reasons they give to complicate the situation, he sees it well. The discussion will be the one that is left out, as always happens, instead of the three that go, we will talk about the one that is left out”.

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