Check out the trailer for Chapter 115 of Betrayed

21 Sep 2022 – 00:45 a.m.

Soon, a new chapter of “Betrayed” will be broadcast, the successful Turkish novel broadcast on Mega screens.

The production, originally called “Sadakatsiz” in Turkish and that in Spain is known as “Unfaithful”, is carried out by the actress Cansu Dere and recounts the life of Asya Yilmaz, a successful doctor who is hit by her husband’s infidelity.

What’s coming?

In the next chapter of “Betrayed”: Selçuk will try to burn Aras’s home with Molotov cocktail, regardless of the people inside.

Also, Asya will have everything ready to start a new life in England.

check the preview

All about Turkish Novel Betrayed

The Article Is In Spanish🡽

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