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Read who they are beneficiaries of the 2022 bonds and check with your DNI if you charge the Yanapay Bonus, Food Bonus, Essalud Bonus and Wanuchay Bonus.

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Beneficiaries of the 2022 bonuses: Check the Yanapay Bonus with your DNI

What is the Yanapay 2022 Bonus?

The subsidy of 350 soles CANNOT be collected in August 2022. The Yanapay Peru 2022 Bonus has already expired on June 30. MIDIS did not announce a new schedule or an official payment date.

No. “Do not be fooled”, is the last message about the Yanapay Peru 2022 Bond, since there is no approval from Reniec on a false registry of beneficiaries of Yanapay during September 2022.

This message about false link new Yanapay Peru Bond 2022 was communicated because several netizens create pages or groups in Facebook with links of doubtful origin.

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Beneficiaries of the 2022 bonuses: Check the Food Bonus

What is the 2022 Food Bonus?

The subsidy of 270 soles for the purchase of food does not yet have a LINK of consultation with DNI. But the Midis will report the beneficiaries of this new food bonus, as well as the way to collect it.

If you find yourself in a vulnerable situation and you want less than the minimum salary of S/ 1025, You should know that you could be a possible beneficiary of the 2022 bonuses (Food Bonus 2022).

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What is the consultation LINK for the first group of beneficiaries of the 2022 Food Bonus?

From August 15 you can make your query through the LINK for him first tranche of the 2022 Food Bonus:


  • enter HERE and check if you are a beneficiary of the bonuses
  • Enter your ID number and date of birth.
  • Do it from the web with any computer, laptop, tablet or cell phone.

pension 65

  • Download HERE the mobile application Yachaq of Pension 65.
  • you can also do CLICK HERE for the consultation with DNI.
  • Enter your ID number
  • Register your date of birth
  • Enter the 4 numbers of the captcha code that appear below

With you

  • The first pattern of additional bonus of 300 soles, within the Food Bonus 2022 It is consulted on the Contigo website.
  • If you are one of the beneficiaries of the 2022 bonds, you can also SEE IT HERE.
The My Together 2022 Bonus has a LINK to check if you are a beneficiary of the first tranche of beneficiaries of the 2022 Food Bonus.

Check the My Together 2022 Bonus.

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Beneficiaries of the 2022 bonuses: Check the Essalud Bonus

What is the Essalud 2022 Bonus?

This payment will be 5 thousand soles for the extraordinary assignment of liberality to the workers of EsSalud. Likewise, this bonus will be for the beneficiaries and each worker, assistance and administrative, of the regimens 728, 276 and regular CAS of It’s health. It has already started to cancel.

Essalud Bonus 2022: What are the requirements?

  • The staff must maintain a current employment relationship on the date of delivery of the benefit.
  • The employee has entered work until 08/31/2022.
  • You will not be a beneficiary of bond if your employment relationship has already ended.
  • It won’t touch you either. subsidy if you are with licenses without credit.
  • You will not receive the subsidy if you have a disciplinary sanction.
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Beneficiaries of the 2022 bonuses: Check the Wanuchay Bonus

What is the Wanuchay 2022 Bonus?

The bonus Wanuchay of 350 soles (or sometimes searched as Wasichay), which is intended for more than 65 thousand small farmers. It can be collected until December 31, 2022.

How to know if I am a beneficiary of the last Wanuchay bonus of 350 soles with DNI in the LINK?

  • Enter the Midagri website. CLICK HERE.
  • Enter your data (DNI, verification digit and date of issue of your DNI)
  • Click on “I’m not a robot”
  • Accept the privacy policies
  • Check if you are a beneficiary of the 350 soles bonus with DNI


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