Chile Vamos affirms that “there is no space for refoundation attempts” in continuity with the constituent process

Even the premises of the National Renovation headquarters arrived this Wednesday afternoon the directives of chili let’s goled by their presidents and general secretaries, who met to analyze and establish the necessary guidelines to continue with a new constituent process.

The main purpose of the appointment was reach a common position -between the UDI, RN and Evópoli- about what mechanisms will promote for the next meeting of all political sectors, which will take place this Friday at 9:00 in the morning.

Minutes before the meeting, the senator and president of RN, Francisco Chahuan, like the general secretary of the party, Diego Schalperthey assured that “We are not closed to any formula at this point.”

This after, representatives of the Republican Party and some leaders of Chile Vamos, have promoted the holding of a new entry plebiscite for the country to define again whether or not it wants a new Constitution.

Thus, after the appointment between the coalition, they affirmed that in the continuity of the constituent process, “there are no spaces for blank pages, for refoundational attempts, there is no space not to recognize that the Chilean nation is one, the independence of the three powers of the State and their strengthening, that Chile is a democratic Republic and, furthermore, that the decentralizing principle is fundamental”, and that there is also no space “to imitate the mechanism that originated a failed Convention that divided Chileans”.

“Some basic principles that is there are no spaces for refoundation attempts, thereforethe blank pages we believe without a doubt, that this work that we are going to carry out does not have spaces”, stressed Chahuan.

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Meanwhile, regarding the previous agreements that were preliminarily between the parties, Chile Vamos now reiterated that “there must be citizen participation and there must be experts”. Thus, the president of the UDI, Xavier Macaya, explained that the role of the group of specialists is that “establish certain principles that avoid the attempt to refound Chile, for us it is very important”.

In this sense, the president of Evópoli, Luz Poblete, stated that “within the principles that we are going to bring to the table, which will resume this Friday, there is the one that we can advance in a committee of expertsof people with experience that allow us to draft principles that guide the work of drafting a new Constitution”.

In this sense, and asked if Chile Vamos will support a 100% elected drafting body, Poblete stated that “We know that part of the principles that we have to discuss is about citizen participation. Citizens want to participate and we have to see the best formula to be able to do so”. “We have not ruled out any mechanism. What we know is that citizen participation is important, but giving citizens the certainty and security of these basic principles”, he stressed.

Prior to the Chilean press point Let’s go, this morning the leaders of the Chamber of Deputies, Raul Soto and of the Senate, Alvaro ElizaldeThey had communicated that the government will continue to be part of the negotiating table to channel a new constitutional process.

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“The government has to participate in the dialogue as a companion, the government is a co-legislative body, and it is not irrelevant in legislative matters, even more so when there is a President of the Republic who has a current mandate, issued at the polls, for four years. So, the views of the government must be consideredand we have also pointed out that no one is going to be excluded from this dialogue process, it would be a mistake to accept vetoes or exclusions”, Elizalde indicated.

Along these lines, the RN helmsman also stated that “The government can accompany”, but cannot “schedule, nor set deadlines” in the dialogue.

“We appreciate that the call -on Friday between the parliamentary forces- be without the governmentto agree on what the mechanics are, and in the following meetings the government will accompany, within the guidelines that we have set”, added Senator RN.

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