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Parties of Chile Vamos propose that a commission of experts -elected in proportion to the forces of Congress- draft the principles for a new Constitution.

After a meeting led by the presidents of the parties of Chile Vamos, together with their general secretaries, it was decided to propose next Friday, when the meeting for the constituent agreement will continue, that a committee of experts draw up the principles or bases for a new constitutional process.

With this, a new process would begin, where there would be a committee of experts – chosen in proportion to the political forces of Congress -, chosen by the parliamentarians themselves or the parties themselves, who would define and outline what would effectively be the base points in order to draft a new Constitution.

The points that according to them were also rejected on September 4 such as plurinationality, that they can effectively choose the education systems, pension systems, among other points.

Nor did they rule out that former presidents such as Ricardo Lagos, Sebastián Piñera, Eduardo Frei or Michelle Bachelet could be part of this process.

Committee of experts to draft principles for a new Constitution

The president of Evópoli, Luz Poblete, said that “within the principles that we are going to bring to the table, the fact that we can advance in a committee of experts that allows us to draft principles that guide and that can limit the work of drafting a new Constitution”.

Meanwhile, the senator and president of Renovación Nacional, Francisco Chahuán, explained that “some basic principles are that ultimately there is no room for re-foundation attempts, therefore, we believe that blank pages have no room in this work that we are going to To make”.

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Finally, the president of the UDI, Senator Javier Macaya, said that “asking a group of experts, which is something that is quite validated by the citizenry, to set certain principles that prevent the attempt to refound Chile, also for us It’s very important”.

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