Chinese giant Huawei confirms installation of third data center in Chile: it would be operational in 2023 | Economy

The information was released by the president of Huawei Cloud for Latin America, Fernando Liu. He detailed that two areas will be inaugurated in 2023 for the installation of new data centers in the region: in Chile and Mexico.

Chinese multinational technology company huawei announced this Wednesday the expansion and improvement of its cloud segment in Latin America with the aim of promoting the digital transformation and development of the region.

This was explained by the president of Huawei Cloud for Latin America, Fernando Liu, who announced that In 2023, the company will inaugurate two areas for the installation of data centers: one in Chile and the other in Mexico.

With this, the company would complete its third data center in Chilean territory.

“Huawei Cloud arrived in Latin America three years ago and we are already the fourth largest cloud service in the region. Throughout this time we have built a solid experience and we aim to simplify the cloud-native journey and reach more industries in the region”, Liu highlighted during his speech at a regional conference organized by the multinational.

The event, which began in Rio de Janeiro on Wednesday, will bring together experts and company representatives for two days to share experiences and advances in the sector.

Liu stressed that the cloud is transforming society and stressed that all cutting-edge technologies will be based on it, as is the case with NFTs, blockchain, the metaverse or virtual reality.

“Huawei believes in a cloud-native future and we want to be leaders in this technologyhe insisted.

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According to data presented by the executive, the Chinese multinational invested in 2021 more than 22,000 million dollars in research and development (R&D) in order to continue innovating in different sectors, such as health, environment, sales, economy, education, fintech or government.

With a global cloud structure installed in 29 regions connecting more than 170 countries, Huawei also announced the addition of new technologies to the Latin American network between 2022 and 2023 that will make it faster and more efficient.

Some examples of this are the EWS, which facilitates and accelerates the migration of applications to the cloud, or the hybrid deployment and planning, which increases the speed of computing.

“We are going to bring digitization to every person, house and organization. We want our customers to enjoy the cloud-native journey and to be able to grow from it,” he concluded.

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