Chócale launches a new Financial Education site in Chile

How much do you know about finances? The answers that we find in Chile regarding this topic are very varied, but The hard truth is that the majority of Chileans have not had (or are not having) a good financial education.. This is where our friends from shock himwhich have been building a very solid base of topics and articles that, without a doubt, will help you better understand your personal finances.

To take a further step in this direction, have launched a site specifically dedicated to Financial Education (which, by the way, bears the same name). Here you can find material of all kinds: from how to open a bank account to where (and how) to invest your money. The most interesting thing is that nothing is left out, so there are basic definitions of all the concepts.

We consult Maximiliano Valdés, founder of Chocaleabout their motivations to tackle this great challenge:

Financial education is in our DNA. When I started Chócale, at the beginning of 2019, the idea was to support banking clients and consumers to make better decisions. The reflection that I was making is that we could talk a lot about banking products, about the new wallets that are coming out and about the accounts that have been launched in the last time, but if we do not accompany it with an explanation to the users of what things are about , how they work, what they mean, possibly we will continue to reach only users with high or intermediate financial knowledge”.

Although this is a great launch for the community, at Chocale they are also aware that there is still a long way to go:

“Our expectation is that the Chócale Financial Education site does not end up being a glossary, or an annealing of news of the ‘5 habits to save’ type. The difference is in the added value we can provide. We are going to combine definitions and concepts, classic guidelines and content to explain the characteristics, benefits and rates of the main products, taking advantage of all the know-how we have gained over the years.

This tremendous contribution to the entire population is now available on the Chócale website, so we take advantage of the opportunity to invite everyone to visit the content, comment on it and – above all – share it.

The Article Is In Spanish🡽

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