Christian Domínguez sings a cappella LIVE and Sergio George buries him: “Your voice sounds much better with music” América Hoy entertainment | SHOWS

TREMENDOUS ROCHE. Christian Dominguez was encouraged to sing the theme of ‘La Pillow’ LIVE again during the program ‘América Hoy’, however, the cumbiambero let out a couple of ‘roosters’ and he himself Serge George surprised with his harsh criticism.

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The host of ‘America Today’ took advantage of the presence of the successful music producer to show him his talent in singing and to make it clear to his detractors that he does have a good voice, despite a past performance where he was harshly criticized.

However, at the end of his theme, the cocky Yahaira Plasencia did not have good comments with the cumbiambero and ended up burying him.

Your voice sounds much better with music. A cappella like I don’t know”, He said generating laughter from the entire set and then gave Christian a hug.

Christian Domínguez disapproved by Sergio George
Sergio George gives his opinion on Domínguez’s way of singing
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Through her social networks, Gisela Valcárcel announced that this Saturday, September 24, the final of “La Gran Estrella” will take place, so the music producer Sergio George will say goodbye to Peru after completing his work.

However, the pianist also announced that he will return to our country soon because he has some bomb news to offer.


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