Closer to the endemic? Minsal announces the end of the use of the mask and the Mobility Pass

left as a outbreak of an infectious disease confined to a Chinese city, Wuhan. Within weeks, it was epidemic and in months it became pandemic. Very soon, SARS-CoV-2, responsible for Covid-19, could become endemic.

Endemicity is defined as the constant appearance of a disease in a geographic area or population group, although it can also refer to a high chronic prevalence of a disease in said area or group. For this, two criteria must be met simultaneously: permanence of the disease over time and involvement of a clearly defined region or population group.

And this Wednesday, three weeks after taking office, the Minister of Health, Ximena Aguilera, announced the relaxation of health restrictions against Covid-19, highlighting the elimination of the use of the mask and the requirement of the Mobility Pass as of October 1, all as part of the measures that will make up the so-called “Opening” scenario of the Step-by-Step Plan and that in the coming months could lead to the officialization of the endemic state in the country.

Aguilera participated this morning in a meeting of the Interministerial Committee for Pandemic Response, after which he made the announcements. Regarding the use of masks, it will only be mandatory for any person who attends any type of consultation in a health establishment and for those who visit a center. In addition, it is recommended to maintain its use in people with respiratory symptoms; in visits to long-stay centers; and in collective, public and private transport.

The Secretary of State also assured that will discontinue the requirement of the Mobility Pass and capacity limitations are eliminated in open and closed spaces, but in the latter it is recommended to maintain cross ventilation.

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Regarding vaccination, the Minsal will continue to actively promote inoculation in the population, especially in lagging groups. And the new bivalent vaccine, aimed at risk groups as an annual strategy, will be incorporated into the National Vaccination Program (PNI).

Covid-19 is not going to go away, it will continue with usTherefore, the vaccination campaign will include an annual vaccine for risk groups, just as it is done against influenza”, explained the head of the health portfolio.

As for the tests, the Minsal reported that the PCR processing capabilities are maintained; that there will be availability of antigen tests in PHC with universal and free access; that access to antigen testing will be increased with the “antigen in three steps” strategy; and that the active search for cases will be oriented according to local needs in areas prioritized by the regional health authority.

In this context, the Undersecretary of Public Health, Carlos Cuadrado, pointed out that “with these strategies we want to strengthen the possibility of testing. If a person presents symptoms, they can apply the test, self-report and isolate themselves in a timely manner.”

The insulation will also undergo modifications. A confirmed Covid-19 case, instead of complying with seven days of quarantine, now you will have to lock yourself up for five days from the onset of symptoms or from taking the test. The strategy of health residences will be maintained.

Likewise, regarding traceability, the identification of contacts of diagnosed cases will be in health establishments, as well as that the control of outbreaks will be prioritized by the health authority in high-risk establishments.

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And the borders? The Alert Level 1 control measures associated with the Plan will be maintained. This means that there will be no travel restrictions, isolation will be carried out in accordance with the general health regulations for a confirmed case and, among other things, random testing will be maintained upon entering the country.

Another important announcement was the one reported by the Undersecretary of Healthcare Networks, Fernando Araos: “We will continue with the conversion of beds and critical beds and from October 1 the rehabilitation of people with hospital discharge at risk of sequelae by Covid will be included in the GES. -19″.

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