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Our CEO assesses what happened before last Sunday’s derby and makes clear Atlético de Madrid’s position on the matter.

As a result of the events prior to the last derby and, following the statement issued by the club, our CEO, Miguel Ángel Gil, wanted to assess everything that had happened and make Atlético de Madrid’s position clear: “I know our fans well and it is unacceptable that someone can think they are racist. Those cries from a minority embarrass us atletico and cannot stain the image of the club, nor the behavior and sentiment of the vast majority”.

It is unacceptable that someone can think that our fans are racist

Miguel Ángel Gil points out that “the club has been demonstrating for years with facts that it abhors and repudiates this type of behavior that becomes a scourge of society. We have strict protocols for the prevention and eradication of violence. In the last five years, 433 files have been opened for various behaviors contrary to these internal regulations and 51 partners have been expelled. We will continue to be blunt on these matters, but we are aware that an isolated act of a fan can derail all this work. It is a risk to which any club is exposed. But we are not going to let our guard down.”

They accuse us when in reality we are also victims

Our CEO also analyzes the assessment made by the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, on the matter: “I appreciate that you remind us of our obligation, and I agree one hundred percent with your comment. I must also point out that pursuing these scourges is everyone’s job, not just the club managers. They accuse us when in reality we are also victims.”

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And he considers that “professionals in the sector must be much more careful with every word, every fact or action that we carry out, because football, with the passion with which it is lived, amplifies any mistake. I did not understand the campaign that was created, with exaggerated demonstrations, misrepresenting the statements of our captain, mixing it with a phrase with racist overtones from someone outside our club… That generated a climate of unnecessary and inconvenient tension before a match of maximum rivalry sporty. The time has come to also demand responsibility and professionalism from all those who intervene in the world of football”.


Miguel Angel Gil Marin

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