Colo Colo can be champion against UC: the formula they need

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Colo Colo faces Universidad Católica for date 26 of the National Championship and, if there are a couple of results, the ‘Cacique’ can be champion against UC.

colo colo It seems headed for the title of the 2022 National Championship, after moving a little further away from its closest pursuers and increasing its advantage to 11 points over the escorts Curicó Unido and Ñublense.

With only five dates to play, two more wins will allow the team led by Gustavo Quinteros add his 33rd star and shout champion again after five years.

However, there is a chance that the albos will raise a new crown in their next meeting, when they receive Catholic University by the date 26.

The ‘Cacique’ and the Cruzados face each other on Sunday, October 2 at the Monumental stadium and, mathematically, the locals could shout champion in the face of the current monarch.

For that to happen, the albos will have to beat the UC in Pedrero and wait for Curicó and Ñublense not to add up to three.

The ‘torteros’ receive on Saturday, October 1 at La Granja the complicated Sports La Serenawhich is mired in the fight not to drop to just 1 point from the ‘red zone’ (adding 24 units).

Meanwhile, the chillanejos will be local before O’Higginswhich is eighth with 36 points and is fighting to qualify for international cups.

In summary, a victory for Colo Colo, added to the fact that Curicó and Ñublense did not win on date 26, will give the ‘Cacique’ a new title.

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The Sub 21 minutes would lengthen the wait for Colo Colo

However, there is a detail that could lengthen the wait for white fans to celebrate a new title: the minutes under 21.

The ‘Cacique’ still has 168 minutes to complete with youth players on the court and, if he does not complete them by the end of the tournament, he could suffer the loss of 3 points.

The foregoing would force Gustavo Quinteros’ men to get an extra victory on the remaining dates. Although considering the actions of Vincent Pizarro in the last days, the above would not present problems for the leader of the contest.

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