Comas: driver seriously injured after criminals shot him for resisting the theft of his vehicle

Crime in Lima does not stop. A driver ended up seriously injured after criminals shot him several times for opposing the theft of his vehicle in the Lima district of Comas. The injured man was identified as Albert Chalco Carlos 43 years old.

According to police information, the incident occurred at the intersection on the street November 8th with the avenue the Chapis in the cooperative Spring. The driver was intercepted by a minivan White color with 4 criminals inside, who threatened him with firearms to turn over his black plate vehicle BHN-469.

The taxi driver opposed the theft of his car, which is his work tool, and threw himself on top of the windshield, refusing to get out of the vehicle. It was then that the criminals fired several times and fled the area. without achieving his goal.

The injured man was taken by some neighbors to a nearby medical post to be taken to the hospital. Sergio Bernales de Collique since his state of health is very delicate.

Criminalistics agents arrived at the scene to obtain the security cameras of some businesses in order to identify these criminals who tried to steal the taxi driver’s vehicle.

The residents of the 8th block of November 8th Avenue ask for security in the area because it is not the first time that this type of assault has occurred since they do not have public lighting.

They add that the surveillance in the place is scarce and leads to being a deserted area where it is easy to commit crimes, generating fear among passers-by.

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Minister blamed the press for citizen insecurity

Let us remember that, days ago, the interior ministerWilly Huerta, blamed the press for the growing sense of citizen insecurity that the country experiences. According to the owner of mininterthe media do not publicize the work of the National Police, a situation that, in his opinion, makes the population feel “a little worried.”

“Citizen security is not only the task of the Executive, of the Government. It belongs to all the institutions. We have presented several bills to the Congress of the Republic. Precisely cSince you do not publicize these works of the National Police, it is that the citizenry feels a little worried“, indicated the head of the portfolio of the Interior.

It should be noted that, according to the National Institute of Statistics and Informatics (INEI), in Peru there are 570 crime victims every hour.


-‘The power in your hands’: EP34 | The viability of the technological proposals of the candidates to combat crime.

When presenting their proposals in the fight against citizen insecurity, the candidates in the 2022 regional and municipal elections offer to have high-end technology as a way out. How viable is the implementation of this resource in the local reality? Let’s hear the next report.

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