Cristina Kirchner shared a fragment of Beraldi’s statement: “It shows the lies of Luciani and Mola” | The question of budgets and the alleged “pressures”

Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner published on her social networks a fragment of the statement that his lawyer gave yesterday, Carlos Beraldi, in the Vialidad case. In this section, Beraldi disarms the “fantasy” elaborated by the prosecution on alleged pressure and intimidation to approve budgets in Congress.

“Look at this excerpt from Dr. Beraldi’s statement, where demonstrates the lies of Luciani and Mola about the fantasy of pressure and intimidation to vote on the budget”CFK wrote.

“This shows the fantasy”

In the video you can see how Opposition referents declare in the trial that they are not aware of any type of pressure on the legislators who approved the different budgets during the governments of Néstor Kirchner and Cristina Kirchner.

Beraldi affirmed: “That fantasy of intimidation was built outside the judicial sphere, but when it comes to this sphere, these things must be tested and you must ask and prove this to the -legislators- that they had at that time. We cannot prove it with those who are affiliated with the Government and then we ask the others –the opposition-“.

“We are going to ask people who have promoted many complaints against Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. We asked Margarita Stolbizer (JxC) if she knows or knows if any legislator was pressured by the Executive to vote on the Budget laws”, she added.

Below are statements from different deputies who deny or ignore alleged pressures. When asked, Stolbizer replied: “No, never. Not at all”, while the deputy Fernando Sánchez (JxC) replied: “To my knowledge, no”.

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Meanwhile, legislator Ariel Pasini (FDT) pointed out, when asked by the defense, that there was “no type of pressure; all the freedom in the world to vote with freedom of conscience. I take responsibility for everything I voted for in the Chamber of Deputies.”

“This shows fantasy,” Beraldi concluded in his plea this week.

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