Cristina Pedroche’s funny elbow to Miki Nadal when he kisses Dabiz Muñoz by surprise

The Zapeando team has attended ‘The Best Chef Awards’, the international awards drawn up by the votes of 350 chefs in which Dabiz Muñoz has become the Best Chef in the World for the second consecutive year.

After collecting the prize, Cristina Pedroche and Dabiz Muñoz were very happy as they reflected when talking to Zapeando. “What great happiness”, highlights Cristina Pedroche, who affirms that “to be recognized internationally one year is the host”, but two years in a row she still does not believe it. For his part, Dabiz Muñoz affirms that he is very happy and Pedroche has brought him luck: “I do not plan to close everything, which I do not rule out opening a road site.” At that moment, she appears by surprise behind the cook Miki Nadal, who suddenly gives Dabiz Muñoz a kiss before Pedroche’s gaze, who quickly appears in shot to divert the sapper from her husband in a funny way. You can see the moment in the video above.

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