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New York, September 21, 2022

Theme: “The role of the Non-Aligned Movement in the global post-pandemic recovery: the way forward”.

His Excellency Mr. Jeyhun Bayramov, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan;

Distinguished Ministers and Heads of Delegations;

Dear participants:

For six decades, the Non-Aligned Movement has fought in defense of our just demands and the legitimate rights of our peoples.

We are 120 countries from five continents, a heterogeneous amalgam of ideologies, religions, cultures, levels of development and historical experiences. Our diversity, far from being a weakness, is a strength.

We represent the absolute majority and almost two thirds of the total membership of the United Nations. It is necessary to act with unity, cohesion, creativity and solidarity, in defense of our collective interests.

It is imperative that we respect the application of consensus for decision-making within the framework of the Movement, as endorsed in the Cartagena Document on Methodology and subsequently ratified in Havana by our Heads of State and Government.

The consensus has had and has a fundamental role in maintaining the solidarity and unity of the non-aligned countries. Consensus in our Movement means considerable agreement and entails a broad, participatory and transparent consultation process to reach it, but it does not require or imply unanimity.

The negative tendency to quantify what consensus means must be overcome as soon as possible. Giving just three delegations the ability to veto the agreement of another 117 is a harmful practice that not only contravenes the provisions of Cartagena and Havana, but also has a negative impact on our ability to reach political consensus.

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On occasions, the search for unanimity has led us to paralysis, even in cases of flagrant violations of the Charter and International Law, which has an obvious cost for the credibility of our Movement.

We must also advance in the coordination of positions between the NAM and the Group of 77 plus China, within the framework of the Joint Coordination Committee, which will send a message of unity and solidarity from the South, and greater strength to face common challenges such as developing countries.

Mr. president:

We live complex times.

The COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated the serious problems that humanity was already facing.

It expanded the economic plundering by the large transnational companies, particularly in the pharmaceutical sector; it accentuated the asymmetries between developed and developing countries and made the prevailing unequal international order even more unfair.

The post-pandemic recovery period is presented as a time of great challenges, but also of opportunities for the Movement. We must continue promoting initiatives that give continuity to the various actions already carried out under the leadership of the Azeri Presidency.

At the same time, the Movement has the colossal responsibility of leading, together with the G77 plus China, the efforts of the countries of the South to advance in the construction of a new international economic order that is more just, democratic and equitable, that responds to the legitimate development aspirations of our peoples.

In the face of attempts at hegemony that undermine multilateralism and seek to divide and weaken us, the NAM must be strengthened as a diverse, inclusive and representative forum.

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Mr. president:

The enormous damage caused by the intensified economic, commercial and financial blockade of the United States against Cuba will not diminish our solidarity and humanist vocation.

Cuba will continue to offer its modest contribution to those who request it, in particular, to the member countries of the Movement. We do so by virtue of our firm commitment to the founding postulates of Bandung and the purposes and principles agreed upon in Havana and with the deep conviction that solidarity is not an option, but a necessity.

Mr. president:

I conclude by conveying the profound appreciation for the historical position of the NAM of firm rejection of the criminal and illegal blockade of the United States against Cuba.

We are convinced that, once again, we will receive the valuable support of its Member States, when the United Nations General Assembly considers the issue on November 2 and 3 and takes action, for the thirtieth time, regarding the draft resolution that demands an end to this policy.

The Non-Aligned Movement can always count on Cuba, just as we count on its solidarity and support.

Thank you very much.

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