Cuban exponent dazzles on Italian TV show

The former Cuban player Amaurys Pérez, a native of Camaguey, dazzles these days in the show “Big Brother VIP” on Italian TV, being one of the most striking contestants. Although he is 46 years old, the current water polo coach in Italy, he maintains an enviable physique for anyone.

Nationalized Italian for more than a decade, Pérez boasts a prestigious sports career in Spain and Italy, but much more so in the latter country, where he was runner-up in the London 2012 Olympics. The Cuban has always said that he was left with “the little thorn” because he craved Olympic gold in those games.

Last year, Pérez had rejected the proposal to participate in “Big Brother VIP”, because he wanted to spend time with his three children. “I said no because I can’t live without my children and my wife”, revealed the Cuban.

In the past, however, the former athlete had participated in “Island of the Famous” and “Dancing with the Stars”, enjoying television success and fame in Italy. “It cannot be denied: Dancing gave me popularity, but the island gave me a lot of adrenaline”, admitted the current coach.


In the Italian press they point out that it has not been difficult for Amaurys Pérez to conquer everyone, from sports to television. Not only because of his winning smile, but above all because of the competitive spirit that he puts into everything he does.

“Thanks to Cuba I learned to smile with just a cup of coffee,” explained the former Cuban player. He now has a new opportunity to shine on Italian television, as he has done on other occasions. On his Instagram he posted that he came “to win.”

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Amaurys was born on March 18, 1976 in Camagüey, he is of the zodiacal sign of Pisces and his measurements are: 1.96 cm tall for about 84 kg of weight. He is married to Angela Rende, a beautiful Calabrian woman with whom he has three children: Cristian Antonio, Gabriel and Daisy. Angela and Amaurys share not only their family life but also their beer production and sale business in Italy.

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