Dabiz Muñoz surprises when he enters the Zapeando set and kisses Cristina Pedroche live

David Munoz has become for the second year in a row the Best Chef in the World and, to celebrate, he goes to the set of Zapeando, where he meets his wife, Cristina Pedroche. As soon as he appeared on the set, the successful chef greeted her wife with a nice kiss, then sat next to her and her friend Miki Nadal.

“Cristina is clearly part of the team and Miki is about to be considered part of the team,” highlights the cook, who affirms that the sapper “has to improve some little things that have to do with attitude, above all.” How do you feel after winning this grand prize? do you feel more pressure? You can see his interview in the main video of this news.

The Article Is In Spanish🡽

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