Dalia Durán shows off her figure with five children VIDEO: “Cubans are genetics, I don’t have stretch marks” John Kelvin entertainment | SHOWS

IT LOOKS. Dahlia Duran came as a guest to the program ‘América Hoy’ and surprised Janet Barboza Y Ethel Well for the slim figure she has, despite having five children and even twins. John Kelvin’s ex-partner pointed out that it would be a genetic issue.

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“I have not had an operation, but I do treatments, little things. in my case more It is a genetic issue, Puerto Ricans, Cubans have that genetics of having hips. My last son is 20 years old and my twins are 5 years old. Thank God I don’t have stretch marks.“, said.

After this, Janet Barboza asked her to secretly show her her belly to verify that what she says is true.

Dalia Durán shows off her figure
Dalia Durán assures that she does not have any stretch marks
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After going through difficult times, Dalia Durán feels better when she inaugurates a new enterprise in Gamarra; which will serve to cover the economic expenses and give her children a better quality of life, as a result of her relationship with John Kelvin. The model spoke about the possibility of opening an account in onlyfansthe well-known platform for adults.

“It is something that is asked of me a lot. I greatly respect the girls who are dedicated to this field, because each one can do with her body what they want. But it is not something that takes him into account because he is very strong, ”she said.


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