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Festival Dancing Casino

This Thursday the Festival Dancing University Casino will be held in the country, which will become a space to support the new Family Code, he told Rebel Youth the master Pedro Lázaro Puentes Álvarez, national methodologist of Sport, Physical Education and Recreation of the Ministry of Higher Education.

Within the program that makes up the day, there will be the development of activities that contribute to the understanding of the Family Code, the vote of the neighbors and the community in general will be stimulated based on the benefits that its approval brings.

In addition, he explained that this Festival —which will have several stages—, is part of a larger project organized by the Cuban musician Luis Manuel Llamo, in which most of our orchestras are involved and whose objective is to rescue the Cuban son.

«The casino is a type of dance that adjusts to the rhythm of the son, and in this case it is not about doing wheels, but about dancing as a couple. In the world there are many people who practice it, including schools to learn it, and Cubans are no strangers to this taste, which is also rooted in the youngest”, he pointed out.

Puentes Álvarez specified that the best couples from each university will participate in the zone festivals (western, central, eastern and Havana). The meetings by regions will be on October 16 in Pinar del Río, Villa Clara and Holguín. The capital, as it has several universities, will be measured separately, he detailed.

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«With the support of cultural institutions we are trying to ensure that everyone has live music, with the participation of orchestras from the territory. Simultaneously, a similar event will be taking place in Venezuela, and both will be linked through TeleSur.

“Each area and the capital will choose between three and five couples, which will go to the National Festival that will take place from October 20 to 24 at the Manuel Fajardo University of Physical Culture and Sports Sciences, and will be motivated to greet the Day of Cuban culture. We hope that these events are recorded by national television and can be enjoyed later by the general population », she pointed out.

Puentes Álvarez highlighted that Venezuela is organizing a world event, from November 20 to 27, to which the winning couples of the Cuban festival are invited. “The goal is to break a Guinness record that is now in the hands of Spain and to bring together 1,500 couples simultaneously dancing Casino in Caracas,” she argued.

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