Daniel Alcides Carrión del Callao Hospital inaugurates a new Pediatric Oncohematology Functional Unit – PAHO/WHO

Callao, July 7, 2022.- The Directorate of the Daniel Alcides Carrión Hospital, in coordination with the Ministry of Health, the Pan American Health Organization and the Peruvian Cancer Foundation, inaugurated the modern Pediatric Hematology-Oncology Unit, a service that seeks to comprehensively attend to neoplasms of the children and adolescents of Callao.

According to the population assigned to the Daniel Alcides Carrión Hospital, it is estimated that each year it receives between 76 and 90 new cases of children under 15 years of age diagnosed with cancer, however, the hospital reports 46 cases treated each year, mainly acute leukemias, the most patients stabilized and referred to the National Institute of Neoplastic Diseases or the San Borja Children’s Health Institute for definitive treatment, due to this demand and the joint action of the national authorities, this unit was inaugurated in July of this year .

In 2019, when the Global Initiative against Childhood Cancer was launched in the country -a WHO initiative that seeks to improve the survival of children and adolescents with cancer-, one of the opportunities for improvement identified was the need to strengthen the resolution capacity of health services for the treatment of childhood cancer.

For this reason, the Pan American Health Organization has been collaborating with the Ministry of Health in the development of new Pediatric Oncohematology Units in Peru in order to decentralize care for childhood cancer.

This Unit has doctors specializing in pediatric hematology and nurses with training in pediatric oncology and will later have a specialist in pediatric oncology. The environments include two hospitalization beds and an exclusive external consulting room of the Unit and it is projected that the hospital area can be extended to have 17 hospital beds, depending on the estimated need.

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Present at the inauguration were Dr. Rolando Fritas, director of Hospital Carrión, Dr. José Revilla, head of the hospital’s Oncology Service, Mr. Miguel de la Fuente, General Manager of the Peruvian Cancer Foundation, and Dr. Claudia Pascual, consultant to the Global Initiative against Childhood Cancer in Peru.

PAHO will continue to support the development of new childhood cancer care units, as part of the strengthening of health services that is within the implementation framework of the WHO CURE ALL package to achieve the goal of the World Cancer Initiative Children in Peru on improving the survival of children and adolescents with cancer.


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