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Nothing comes out Deportivo Cali, which is still in a deep crisis. This Wednesday, while he faced Tuluaand lost, an emergency broke out in the stadium October 12 ° when the sugar fans invaded the field.

(The coach, attacked: Mayer Candelo: outrageous moment in which the fans attack the Cali coach).

Chaos in Tuluá

Cali was losing 1-0 and there was already tension, but then there was a penalty for the local team. The fans, in large numbers, had accompanied the Caleño team in the stands, but at that moment, after the second goal, everything got out of control, at minute 82.

Fans invaded the field and the Cali players had to run to the dressing rooms to take refugeas well as the arbitration list, in the midst of the surprise of the Tuluá players.

The target of the fans was the technician Mayer Candelo, former soccer player, symbol of the club, and who carries the weight of the current bad campaign. They insulted him, there were shoves, they threw something at him and tried to hit him.

In videos that are broadcast on social networks, it is seen that some fans push the coach. This was also confirmed in the official broadcast through Win sports, which immediately cut the transmission.

The panic lasted a few minutes in which there was also an attempt to attack the player Theophilus Gutierrez.

The match, after the police regained control, was officially terminated.

“Some were attacked, it was no big deal, others took their clothes off, we are in the dressing room surrounded by police, there is a wounded police officer, they are protecting us and waiting for the minutes to pass so we can go to Cali,” said a source of the club consulted by EL TIEMPO.

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The source confirmed that there was an attempt to attack Mayer Candelo and Teo Gutiérrez, but that they are fine.


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