Diosdado Cabello insults President Boric and treats him as “silly”, “gafo” or “little puppy” | National

“Bobo”, “gafo”, “ridiculous” or “little puppy”, were some of the words used by Diosdado Cabello, number 2 of Chavismo, to criticize and insult President Gabriel Boric, for mentioning the humanitarian crisis that Venezuela has registered the years during his speech to the UN.

The Venezuelan deputy and number 2 of Chavismo, Diosdado Cabello insulted Chile’s president, Gabriel Boric, on Wednesday night, calling him a “silly”, “puppy” or “gafo” for criticizing the situation in Venezuela in his speech to the UN.

In his program with Mazo Dando, Cabello harshly criticized Boric and accused him of talking “bullshit”, adding that there are many problems in Chile, such as the Mapuche conflict or the protests of high school students in Santiago.

“They think we are going to capitulate because a fool like Boric came out to talk bullshit about Venezuela they are wrong, a gafogoing out to speak ill of Venezuela, having so many problems, a historical debt with the Mapuche populations, and what he does is go out to persecute them,” said Diosdado Cabello.

“They were declared terrorists and they do nothing, a people that only claims what belongs to them or a war against high school students who only ask for the right to study,” he added.

Cabello also insisted that Boric was looking to look good with the United States. “He goes there to speak ill of Venezuela to look good with the gringos, it is quite ridiculous”, commented.

Likewise, the Chavista leader indicated that the Chilean president’s words were because Caracas has kept its distance from the US, and because they have not moved away from power.

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“If we were negotiating the surrender of Venezuela, no one would have attacked us. Boric would not have gone there to speak ill of Venezuela, nor does he mention us, because they would have told him ‘don’t say anything little puppy’, because they are going to surrender, they are going to capitulate”, he affirmed.

It should be remembered that during his speech before the UN General Assembly, Boric stated that the Venezuelan crisis has generated a migratory flow that has put pressure on Chilean institutions.

“The humanitarian crisis in Venezuela, as a result of its prolonged political crisis, has generated a migratory flow that is unprecedented in our region and in our country, putting tremendous pressure on our institutions and our society,” said the President.

Chile denies Venezuelan volleyball players visa

In addition to Cabello’s criticism, the Chavista leader also questioned that Chile denied a visa to the Venezuelan men’s volleyball team, which should play the qualifier for the Santiago 2023 Pan American Games.

“Despite having carried out the relevant and mandatory procedures in a timely manner, as well as having complied with each of the requirements requested by the consulate of the Republic of Chile accredited in our country. Our athletes and technical team were not granted a visa,” the United Socialist Party of Venezuela said in a statement.

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