DMC imagines what the future Lamborghini Revuelta will look like

As we well know, evolution has arrived at the house of Sant’Agata, and the first of many changes has come with the farewell of the Lamborghini Aventadorthe last to use a naturally aspirated V12 engine, which will be replaced by a V12 in hybrid configuration, something that we will gradually have to get used to, in all brands.

And subject to what is officially happening with said model, the tuner, DMC (nothing to do with Delorean Motor Company), goes ahead a bit by presenting us with its impressive proposal, which is based on features of previous models that have dressed the shield of the bull on the front, achieving very radical lines and shapes. Perhaps the name Scrambled suits him well, with so much “jumble” of influences.

Among the most notable features of the Scrambled Eggs are the forms very much in the Sian or Aventador style.but quite well executed in the DMC table, where they stand out:

  • Y-shaped main lights
  • Design lines and aerodynamic function on the hood
  • Prominent air intakes on the rear steps
  • Miura-style side window accents

DMC did not skimp on the back, resorting to components and shapes that give that “evil” touch but with a lot of class and required futurism. That is noticeable in the four central exhaust outlets, accompanied by elongated lights. Underneath is a huge diffuser, while on the engine cover is an adjustable spoiler.

DMC decided on a very striking and always acceptable shade of red on a Lamborghini, however, It would not be bad if it had some darker contrast that breaks with the monotony of the color; matter of taste and that Lamborghini is surely already adjusting, as well as the presence of the aforementioned spoiler, which we could see in the final model, but in a high-performance version.

How close will DMC be to targeting the design of the future Lamborghini?

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